In-Plant Training

AFS Institute in-plant training courses provide you with best-in-class professional training at your facility. The Institute offers metalcasting-specific, professionally-developed and expert-vetted courses, ranging from one half to three days in length, that can be hosted in the facility of your choice. The curriculum is developed to teach new job skills in a modern, hands-on, student-centered format. 

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Advantages of In-Plant Training

  • Immediate-impact, high-value, unbiased skills training for a large group
  • No lost time for travel
  • Hands-on, engaging activities to reinforce skills development
  • Team building opportunities across roles and departments
  • New skills are instantly put to use under guidance of certified instructor
  • Core to your Professional Development Program

The Institute encourages you to invite employees from multiple locations of your organization to attend. The group activities provide an excellent opportunity for team building across roles and departments at your organization, as well as the chance to immediately test out these new skills in the work environment with the guidance of the instructor.

Link your on-site experts with the AFS Institute’s professionally developed curriculum to provide your employees with a perspective on the curriculum for your business’ needs. 

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