Iron Metalcasting 101


"Great course! I enjoyed the class and will be back."


This is an introductory course covering the major cast iron families. Course topics include: characteristics and properties, as well as general applications for each iron type; common alloying elements and their uses; iron melting technology and considerations; compatible casting processes and heat treatment options; and applications.


Learning outcomes

Class participants will learn to:

  • Describe the critical factors and features of cast iron that make it the casting alloy of choice.
  • Understand how elements in cast iron are adjusted to produce different grades.
  • Explain the classification systems for each of the five cast iron families.
  • Discuss the mechanical and physical properties of each of the five families of cast irons.
  • State four important inspection/testing methods for determining cast iron quality.
  • Analyze how different elements impact the properties of cast iron.
  • Describe the basic melting practices and related technologies for cast iron.
  • Compare iron casting processes.
  • Explain the use of heat treatment of cast iron and how it affects mechanical properties and cost.
  • Apply safety procedures to the daily work environment in a metalcasting facility.

Course Length

1.0 day

CEU Units

0.60 CEU

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Overview of Cast Iron

•    Where Are Iron Castings Used?
•    Why Is Cast Iron Commonly Used?
•    Cast Iron Key Points

Module 3: Cast Iron Classification Systems and Properties

•    Cast Iron Families
•    General Cast Iron Properties Overview
•    Designation System Introduction
•    Gray Iron
•    Ductile Iron
•    Compacted Graphite, White, Malleable, and High Alloy Irons
•    Iron Family Group Activities

Module 4: Elements in Cast Iron

•    Main Elements in Cast Iron
•    Alloying and Trace Elements in Cast Iron

Module 5: Applications of Cast Iron

•    Alloy Selection

Module 6: Cast Iron Melting Technology

•    Cast Iron Safety
•    Furnace Types
•    Melting Practice Overview

Module 7: Iron Casting Processes

•    Sand Casting
•    Investment Casting
•    Lost Foam Casting
•    Casting Process Case Study

Module 8: Heat Treatment Overview

•    Reasons for Heat Treatment, Heat Treatment Options, and Results of Heat Treatment

Module 9: Conclusion