Advocacy Efforts


AFS is the voice of the metalcasting industry in our nation’s capital and works to enhance the legislative and regulatory climate for its members. The Society evaluates proposed federal legislative and regulatory actions, testifies before committees and agencies, and aggressively advocates and educates government officials about the industry’s top concerns and priorities.

Rep. Gibbs
Tom Crawford, McWane Ductile, left, spent some quality time with Representative Bob Gibbs (R-OH), explaining how metalcasting jobs make a difference in the district.

Bottom-Line Issues

At any given time, AFS is working on 20-25 issues in the areas of:

  • OSHA policy
  • EPA policy
  • Infrastructure investment
  • Buy America
  • Tax policy
  • Rigorous enforcement of fair trade
  • Workforce readiness

AFS Policy Victories Yielding Quantifiable Benefits for Foundries

Through the years, AFS has achieved numerous policy victories. For example, our work on policies related to sludge save the industry $30 million per year. Our advocacy on beneficial use of reclaimed sand presented sound science upon which EPA reversed its policy. 

Frank Lucas
AFS members were able to express their gratitude to members of Congress for listening to the concerns of metalcaster. Representative Frank Lucas (R-OK) met with Sandy Salisbury-Linton, Tonkawa Foundry.

AFS also participates in coalition lobbying. In 2017-2018, this has led to policy victories on OSHA recordkeeping, withdrawal of ill-advised estate tax rules, revisions to the Waters of the USA, an end to the punitive EPA sue-and-settle practice, blocking the so-called Clean Power Plan, and overturning the Obama-era contractor blacklisting rules. These victories have saved AFS member companies millions of dollars. 

An Ongoing Commitment to Advocacy

Policy victories don't happen overnight. It takes steadfast advocacy, backed by member involvement.

With AFS' team of advocacy professionals located blocks from the U.S. Capitol, the Society works directly with elected officials, congressional staff and government agencies. This work delivers a bottom-line impact for AFS members. For more information, contact AFS CEO Doug Kurkul, or the AFS Washington Office at 202-452-7135 or

Advocacy Efforts:

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Marsha Blackburn
2019 AFS Fly-In participants succeeded in having critical meetings with their national elected representatives. It was an opportunity to share concerns about regulations and other issues important to metalcasters. From left, Erik Ellingson, Waupaca Foundry; Henry Lodge, Lodge Manufacturing; Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN); Stephanie Salmon, AFS; and Darren Howard, American Colloid.

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