Green Sand Molding 201


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The first day of this course includes a review of important raw material requirements for green sand systems, an introduction to applications requiring specialty sands, and the types of sand additives and their effects on green sand. You will explore key concepts for sand equipment, sand handling and storage, sand reclamation and re-use, and have access to important safety procedures. The day culminates with a look at green sand process variables and method adjustments to produce quality molds.

The second day will focus on green sand quality control tests for ferrous and nonferrous alloys, the types, purpose, frequency, and typical result ranges for each. Typical problem areas seen in green sand metalcasting facilities will be discussed and how test results can help to identify areas for correction. The course will conclude with an introduction to statistical process control for sand systems.

Participants will gain an essential knowledge for green sand molding as it is used in established metalcasting facilities. The course examines the green sand mold making process, green sand process variables, and how to make minor process adjustments when variables require correction. This course addresses the types of tests used for controlling green sand mold quality, and how those test results shape changes in the process.

Learning outcomes

Class participants will learn to:

  • Summarize the typical green sand systems used for various alloys.
  • Identify applications requiring specialty sands.
  • Describe common sand additives used by green sand metalcasters.
  • Identify sand handling and reclamation equipment and processes.
  • Examine green sand process variables and learn to make process adjustments.
  • Explain the various quality control tests used in green sand foundries.
  • Use quality test data to evaluate green sand for corrective action.
  • Recognize common quality control problems.
  • Describe important safety measures and operating practices to use in green sand foundries.

Course Length

2.0 days

CEU Units

1.00 CEU

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Green Sand Molding Issues

•    Green Sand Molding Scenarios

Module 3: Sand, Clay, and Mixes

•    Sand and Clay
•    Typical Green Sand Mixes

Module 4: Components of Green Sand Systems

•    Facing and Specialty Sands
•    Sand Additives

Module 5: Sand Handling and Mixing

•    Sand Handling and Mixing Equipment
•    Sand Storage
•    Reclamation and Reuse

Module 6: Green Sand Quality Control Testing

•    Quality Assurance Testing
•    Quality Assurance Problem Areas

Module 7: Green Sand Quality Control

•    Green Sand Variables and Process Relationships
•    Sand System SPC Overview
•    Developing a Control Strategy

Module 8: Conclusion