Permanent Mold Thermal Management



Permanent mold casting is a significant and major process used in the metalcasting industry. It produces high quality and consistent products when a variety of control parameters are used to manage the overall process. This course provides essential information on key factors that affect the thermal profile in a permanent mold casting process cycle. The most common permanent mold manufacturing practices for mold thermal management that focus on ensuring product quality will be covered.

Students will gain proper understanding and application of mold materials and properties, mold design, mold preparation, casting methods and temperature control parameters. They will examine types of permanent mold defects related to die temperature issues for the longevity of die life and general techniques instead of specific requirements for a given casting shape since these can differ from casting product to product.

Learning outcomes

Class participants will learn to:

  • Identify the types and properties of mold materials along with factors used in the selection and design of permanent molds for thermal control.
  • Explain the permanent mold process and machine safety measures.
  • Identify various cooling, heating, and other methods of controlling permanent mold temperatures.
  • Explain the importance of documenting the permanent mold process.
  • Recognize and troubleshoot various defects of permanent mold castings.

Course Length

1.0 day

CEU Units

0.70 CEU

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Permanent Mold Casting Process

•    Permanent Mold Casting Process
•    Machine Safety

Module 3: Mold Materials and Mold Design

•    Types of Mold Materials
•    Properties of Mold Materials
•    Selection of Mold Materials
•    Design Considerations

Module 4: Permanent Mold Temperatures

•    Preheat Molds
•    Cooling and Heating Methods
•    Operating Temperature Parameters

Module 5: Documentation of the Permanent Mold Process

•    Why Document?
•    What Needs to Be Documented

Module 6: Inspecting Permanent Mold Defects

•    Mold and Casting Defects: Common Causes and Troubleshooting
•    Preventing Defects

Module 7: Conclusion