Industry Statistics

Metalcasting is one of the most important sectors in the manufacturing economy. It is a $33.7 billion industry that directly provides nearly 200,000 jobs in the U.S. alone, with many more in Canada and Mexico. Metalcasting also indirectly supports many thousands of jobs at businesses that supply equipment, services, and materials to the industry, as well as at companies that use castings. About 90 percent of durable goods include castings.

There are metalcasting facilities in all 50 states. The top eight states, ranked by number of reported foundries, are as follows:

  1. Ohio 
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. Wisconsin 
  4. California 
  5. Michigan 
  6. Illinois 
  7. Texas 
  8. Indiana 

Countless industries depend on castings, including defense contracting, automotive, trucking, aerospace, oil and gas, farm equipment, infrastructure, construction, and many others.

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The United States ranks third globally in castings production, trailing only China and India. The United States ranks second in productivity, as measured by tonnage per plant, trailing only Germany.

Detailed Industry Statistics

Census of Global Casting Production - To view casting shipment tonnages by nation, visit the Modern Casting archives. The Census of Global Casting Production is published annually in the December issue. 

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