Chemically Bonded Sand Testing



This course provides detailed instruction on the need for widely used chemically bonded tests and how to correctly perform them, including proper sand sampling methods from the “AFS Mold & Core Test Handbook".

In addition to receiving hands-on practice conducting sand tests, participants will be able to identify typical operating ranges for test values and communicate results.

Learning outcomes

Class participants will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of chemically-bonded sand tests.
  • Describe sampling procedures.
  • Describe commonly used chemically-bonded sand tests.
  • Identify test purpose and frequency.
  • Determine the equipment to be used for each test.
  • Describe safety considerations for sand binders.
  • Run chemically-bonded sand tests independently.
  • Explain acceptable ranges for chemically-bonded sand test results.
  • Formulate ways to communicate findings and alternatives.

Course Length

1.0 day

CEU Units

0.60 CEU

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Chemically-Bonded Sand Testing Overview

•    What Is Chemically-Bonded Sand Testing?
•    Sampling Procedures and Tests
•    Purpose and Frequency of Chemically-Bonded Sand Tests

Module 3: Perform Chemically-Bonded Sand Tests

•    Determine Proper Test Equipment
•    Describe Safety Standards
•    Review and Conduct Testing Procedures

Module 4: Chemically Bonded Sand Test Results

•    Acceptable Ranges for Results of Chemically-Bonded Sand Testing
•    Communicating Results

Module 5: Conclusion