Green Sand Molding 101


"Great course, good interaction with other foundry workers from different companies. Interesting and very knowledgeable instructors." 


Students are introduced to the green sand molding process used with a metalcasting facility. Discussion will include: basic terminology, types of sands used to make green sand molds, the mold making-process, using and maintaining process equipment, and considerations for identifying casting defects.

Learning outcomes

Class participants will learn to:

  • Use the various types of green sand molding raw materials and equipment appropriately and safely.
  • Identify raw material and equipment problems and their effect on process variables.
  • Prepare simple green sand molds and discuss how to meet quality specifications.
  • Examine molds and castings for defects and determine the corrective action needed.
  • Describe the important safety measures and operating practices during the production of green sand molds.

Course Length

1.0 day

CEU Units

0.60 CEU

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Making Quality Green Sand

•    Raw Materials Used in Making Green Sand
•    Sand Equipment Considerations and Maintenance
•    Safety Overview

Module 3: The Green Sand Molding Process

•    Making a Green Sand Mold
•    Proper Sand Compaction

Module 4: Quality Assurance in Green Sand Mold Making

•    Major Green Sand Molding Defects
•    Troubleshooting Defects and Systems

Module 5: Conclusion