Introduction to Casting Alloys



A comparison of the commonly cast ferrous and nonferrous alloys will be presented. There will be discussions on casting applications, properties, and criteria for selection of the following alloys: iron, steel, copper aluminum, magnesium, zinc, and super alloys.

Learning outcomes

Class participants will learn to:

  • Explain reasons for using the different alloy types.
  • Describe the difference between ferrous and nonferrous alloys.
  • List at least three criteria that must be considered during alloy selection.
  • Explain the alloy classification system and list some common alloys, their mechanical and physical properties; and applications/industries.

Course Length

0.5 days

CEU Units

0.30 CEU

Course outline

Module 1: Alloy Basics and Selection
Module 2: Iron
Module 3: Steel
Module 4: Aluminum
Module 5: Copper
Module 6: Magnesium
Module 7: Zinc
Module 8: Superalloys