Copper Metalcasting 101


"This course was great and at a level which was beneficial to me. I would definitely recommend!" 


This course introduces the characteristics and properties of copper, alloying elements and their general applications, as well as considerations for working with cast copper parts. This course also covers melting and casting technology and looks at the decision-making process behind specific technologies used.

This course includes practical and theoretical knowledge for those entering or establishing relationships with others in the copper casting business. It provides a comprehensive foundation of the processes, treatments and practical applications of cast copper and walks the participant through decisions that affect final product cost.

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn to:

  • Describe the principle properties of copper and its uses.
  • Explain the Unified Number System for Copper.
  • Discuss the role of alloying elements in copper castings.
  • Identify copper alloys suited to specific applications.
  • Identify common melting methods for copper.
  • Identify common molding/casting methods for copper.
  • Describe common copper defects.
  • Discuss foundry safety.
  • Describe some environmental concerns when handling lead-containing copper alloys.

Course Length

1.0 day

CEU Units

0.50 CEU

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Overview of Copper

•    Use of Copper Castings
•    Copper Processing

Module 3: Copper Properties and Alloying Elements

•    Basic Atomic Structure
•    Physical and Mechanical Properties of Copper
•    Copper Alloy Designation System and Alloying with Copper

Module 4: Applications of Copper Alloys

•    Copper Families: Properties and Applications
•    Alloy Selection

Module 5: Copper Melting Technology

•    Furnace Types
•    Melt Control

Module 6: Copper Casting Process Technology

•    Copper Casting Process Introduction
•    Sand Molding Process
•    Permanent Molding Process
•    Investment Casting Process
•    Value Added Services

Module 7: Safety and Regulations

•    Metalcasting Safety
•    Environmental Safety

Module 8: Conclusion