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Nearly 1,000 members volunteer on AFS committees to gain updated knowledge, network with industry peers, bring new perspectives back to their companies, and give back by helping to advance the AFS mission of advocacy, education, and innovation. 

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As a Corporate or individual member of AFS, you are encouraged to get involved in the committees of your choice. The only requirements are a willingness to participate, company approval, and adherence to the AFS Committee Manual. Members that contribute their knowledge and efforts to committee work find that they can truly make a difference in our industry while simultaneously improving their own capabilities and professional growth.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons To Join an AFS Committee! If you would like to get involved and are not yet a member, call 800-537-4237 or click here to become a member.


2023-2025 Technical Council officers

Chair: Adam Kopper of Mercury Marine

Vice Chair: Tim Hoyt of Allied Mineral Products

Secretary: Mark Osborne of Wabtec - GE Transportation

Secretary-elect: Eric Nelson of Dotson Iron Castings


2023-2024 Management Council officers

Chair: Alexandria Trusov of Alpha Resources LLC 

Vice Chair: Jason Gutierrez of Soundcast

Secretary: TJ Costello of Charlotte Pipe & Foundry

Both councils, in turn, update the AFS Board of Directors on committee work as it relates to advancing the AFS mission and values.


AFS Technical & Management Division/Committee Handbook

AFS Organizational Structure

  • Division: Primary focus area.
  • Committee: Sub-groups that focus on specific subjects within the Division goals. The committee leaders report back to the Division Executive Group.
  • Task group: Less formal in structure, task groups are often small groups or individuals working on a specific assignment or function related to the division focus. Task groups are common in divisions where members meet as a unified group rather than as individual autonomous committees.

Technical Council Divisions/Committees

Management Council Divisions/Committees

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