Coldbox Process 201


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This course is the second course in the coldbox coremaking series and provides the next level of knowledge in relation to the molding process within a foundry to make coldbox cores. Discussion will cover coldbox terminology; common sands; additives and coatings used; coldbox binders, in particular, phenolic urethan cold box (PUCB) resin; corebox equipment; corebox tooling and best usage parameters; and considerations when troubleshooting and optimizing the process for proper quality assurance.

Learning outcomes

Class participants will be able to:

  • Summarize the coldbox coremaking process.
  • Compare differences in properties of coldbox binder systems.
  • Evaluate raw material and equipment options for coldbox coremaking.
  • Identify the best corebox tooling variation for the catalyst type in use.
  • Explain common corebox tooling challenges and how to adjust a process to improve outcomes.
  • Describe ways to optimize the core production processes.
  • Describe the important safety measures and operating practices to use with coldbox binders and equipment.

Course Length

2.0 days

CEU Units

0.90 CEU

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: The Coldbox Process in Review

•    Coldbox Terminology
•    Review of the Coldbox Coremaking Process

Module 3: Sand, Sand Additives, and Coatings Used in the Coldbox Process

•    Sand Characteristics and Variables
•    Specialty Sands Used in the Coldbox Coremaking Process
•    Sand Storage and Transport
•    Refractory Coatings and Additives

Module 4: Coldbox Binders

•    PUCB and Other Binders
•    Functions of Binders and Applicators
•    Material Selection
•    Safety Precautions

Module 5: Equipment

•    Types of Mixers
•    Corebox Orientation and Core Machines
•    Types of Generators
•    Avoiding Injuries

Module 6: Coldbox Tooling

•    Types of Coreboxes
•    Corebox Tool Rigging and Venting

Module 7: Troubleshooting and Quality Assurance

•    Types of Defects

Module 8: Conclusion