Fundamentals of SPC & Process Capability


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SPC is considered one of the seven basic quality tools – yet many do not understand the meaning of the numbers or take advantage of the tool because they are fearful of the arithmetic. Unfortunately, there are also some that use statistics like standard deviation or Ppk without feeling comfortable with their meaning or the assumptions underlying their use.

By using a step-by-step approach to building understanding of the basic meaning of the terms, your instructor will assist you in grasping what the numbers mean and what can (and should) be done with them to support improvement. Combining years of experience as a math teacher with decades of foundry quality management practice, this course will give you the opportunity to develop confidence with these statistics with patient hands-on instruction and help.

Students will be taught how to prepare SPC charts and capability data using Excel software, accessible to all without specialized equipment.

Course Length

1.5 days

CEU Units

0.80 CEU

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction and Basic Data Evaluation
Module 2: Normal Probability graphical methods
Module 3: Normal Probability calculations and use
Module 4: X-bar, R Charts: Construction, control and use
Module 5: Process Capability study calculation
Module 6: Handling common problems
Module 7: Attribute charts: Defects and defectives
Module 8: Attribute capability calculation