We Love Metalcasting

Metalcasting offers exceptionally rewarding careers for those individuals with the right skills. A broad range of engineering, management, and production positions are available. Here's what metalcasters have to say about why they love their careers! 

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Nick Slobidsky, Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Simpson Technologies, Aurora, IL
“I customize and design sand processing equipment for foundries using animations. There is no average work week for me, which is one of the benefits. Any given week, I might visit a customer site to head an installation of equipment I designed, then the next week, spend my time designing equipment for another foundry. Other times I might work on equipment layouts for a day or so -- however long it takes to get it done right. In the grand scheme of things, I take pride in getting projects out the door 100% correct.” 


Ashley Folden-Ecker, Process Control Engineer

Dotson Iron Castings, Mankato, MN

Ashley Folden-Ecker
"I enjoy working in metalcasting because of the ever-changing technology and unlimited opportunities to continue to grow and learn new things. Plus, there’s never a dull day in a foundry!”

Adam Foreman, Disa Supervisor & Sample Engineer

Neenah Foundry Company, Neenah, WI
Adam Foreman
“I chose a career in metalcasting because I enjoy the challenging work environment and get a sense of pride when I am able to resolve an issue with a troubled job. Everyday has a new set of challenges and I enjoy these learning experience to solve future problems."



















Micca Belke, Metallurgical Engineer

Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac, WI
Micca Belke
“I love metalcasting as a career because I get to act as a metallurgical detective. Analyzing fracture surfaces to reveal the cause of failure is fun and exciting! There’s never a dull moment as I constantly get exposed to new projects every day!”




















Zach Gurtner, Sales & Marketing

BCI Solutions, Inc., Bremen, IN
Micca Belke
“A few years ago, I did not see myself choosing a career in metalcasting. When I started at BCI, I soon figured out the impact that metalcasting has on every aspect of life. Growing up on a farm, I did not know that many parts on our tractors were made in my own hometown. I could not be more excited to get my career in metalcasting at Bremen Casting and continuing to learn more and more about the industry."





















Ben Jensen, Production Supervisor

Dotson Iron Castings, Mankato, MN

Ben Jensen
"I love the hard work environment, the great teamwork, and taking a customer’s vision and making it a reality."


Doug Neal

Hunter Foundry Machinery Corporation, Schaumburg, IL
Doug Neal
“I started out working in the foundry using Hunter machines in 1991. About four years later, I began working maintenance on the Hunter machines. That continued until 2007, when I began working for Hunter and building the machines.

When this path began so many years ago, it wasn't exactly what I thought I'd be doing the rest of my life. But as it turns out, hard work and dedication over the years does indeed pay off. I continued to progress and follow the path in the metalcasting field and ended up with a rewarding career. It is very satisfying for me to know that, in the end, a machine that I have built is going to go to a foundry and last for 30 years."


Lizeth Medina, Director of Support Operations

Neenah Foundry Company, Neenah, WI
Lizeth Medina
“I was attracted to metalcasting because of the relationship between metalcasting and other industries, the fact that metals are the oldest materials and continue to be a vital part of our lives, and because in many applications, these materials likely will never be replaced. The need to improve and innovate, and the impact that I can achieve within, is what made me love metalcasting.”

(Lizeth Medina is shown working with Jeremy Heinz, finish room supervisor, industrial castings, Neenah Foundry Company.)




























Todd Gamble, Jr., Maintenance Repairer Lead Man

Rochester Metal Products, Rochester, IN
Todd Gamble
“I chose metalcasting as a career because there is a chance for advancement and it’s a rewarding career – promotions can happen by working and trying harder.”













Gerald Richard, Application Manager

MAGMA Foundry Technologies Inc., Schaumburg, IL
Gerard Richard
“Being able see something develop from concept to finished part leaves one with a sense of pride and accomplishment unparalleled to any other. Now, after transitioning to a supplier to the industry, the love comes from supporting foundries to improve and realize goals that will help them stay competitive and continue to advance into the future.”  














John Hambleton, Application Engineer

MAGMA Foundry Technologies, Schaumburg, IL
John Hambleton
“I love working in the metalcasting industry because it consistently challenges me. No matter how much I learn, there will always be new and different problems that foundries face and I enjoy learning how to overcome those challenges.”













For information about college programs in metalcasting, please visit the Foundry Educational Foundation website here.