Nobake Molding & Coremaking 101



This course provides participants with a basic foundation of the nobake molding and coremaking process used within a foundry and is designed for those with little or no prior experience in making nobake molds. Course discussion will include: basic terminology, common chemical binders used, the mold and coremaking process, equipment, and mold defect analysis.

Class participants will receive hands-on practice in nobake mold and core making, walk through the decision-making process in evaluating casting deficiencies and leave with a customized troubleshooting list for use back on the job.

Learning outcomes

Class participants will learn to:

  • Identify the important safety measures and operating practices to use while making nobake molds and cores.
  • Recognize the various types of raw materials and equipment used during the mold and coremaking process.
  • Prepare nobake molds and cores that meet quality specifications.
  • Examine molds and cores for defects and determine the appropriate corrective action.

Course Length

2.0 days

CEU Units

0.80 CEU

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Making a Quality Nobake Mold, Part 1

•    Safety Equipment and Binder System Safety
•    Make Your Own Mold
•    Group Comparisons

Module 3: Metalcasting Principles and Terminology

•    Setting the Scene
•    The Parts of a Mold
•    Patterns
•    Molding Equipment and Maintenance
•    Sand Reclamation

Module 4: Sand and Binder Systems

•    Sand and Sand Types
•    Binder Systems
•    Calibrating Sand and Chemicals
•    Variables Affecting Performance
•    How Sand and Binders Work Together

Module 5: Making a Quality Nobake Mold, Part 2

•    Make Your Own Mold
•    Group Comparisons

Module 6: Quality Control and Communication with Management

•    Quality Control
•    Communication with Management

Module 7: Conclusion