Design & Optimization for 3D Sand Printing


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There are many advantages to the use of 3D sand printing of molds and cores, especially when it comes to casting design, and the technology is being rapidly adopted in all sectors. This course focuses on designing castings for the 3D sand printing process, as well as optimizing existing designs to take advantage of the unique capabilities afforded by the process. Course topics include: the advantages/limitations of the 3D printing process, the storage and handling of cores and molds, gating design process, and the use of simulation, file formats, and key features allowable will be described. Case studies will be used throughout the course.

Attendees will complete this course with concrete ideas for the cost reduction of core assemblies via core integration, reduction of lead times and prototyping costs, potentially eliminating costs for pattern and tooling storage and maintenance, and assessing the break-even point between the technology and part volume. Participants will be able to talk intellectually, cut through the hype around the subject, and be the expert in their organization on 3D Sand Printing technology applications to get castings made faster, more accurately, and with less scrap.

Learning outcomes

Class participants will learn to:

  • Describe the various additive manufacturing techniques used in metalcasting.
  • Describe the 3D sand printing process.
  • List the process considerations for casting quality.
  • Describe cost implications of the process and their advantages/disadvantages.
  • Identify the optimal type of parts for the process.
  • List the design considerations for casting quality.
  • Identify methods to improve designs.
  • Describe the role of casting process simulation.

Course Length

2.0 days

CEU Units

1.20 CEU

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: 3D Sand Printing

•    3DSP Compared to Traditional Methods
•    Cost and Time Implications
•    Considerations and Limitations

Module 3: 3D Sand Printing Process

•    How 3D Sand Printing Works
•    Printers
•    Materials
•    Part Handling

Module 4: Casting with 3DSP Molds and Cores

•    Mold and Core Types
•    Mold Assembly
•    Casting

Module 5: Designing for 3DSP

•    Design Process
•    Design as a Tool
•    Print Orientation
•    Casting Process Modeling

Module 6: Optimization

•    Improving Part Designs
•    Communication
•    Quality and Defects

Module 7: Conclusion