Fostering innovation is one of the three pillars of the AFS mission. Research is a key part of fostering innovation. The support of metalcasting-related research is critical for North America to maintain a strong and advancing industry. 

Research at AFS takes two formats:

AFS-Funded Research

AFS allocates funds every year for critical research. The Research Board, a five-member Board with rotating membership, reviews developments in all metals-related fields, and prioritizes and approves projects. The Board also coordinates AFS research with that of other organizations when mutually beneficial in addressing the needs of the metalcasting community.

To download one of the research forms, click on the appropriate link.

If you are interested in participating in an AFS project or committee activity, contact the AFS Technical Department at, or Steve Robison, Senior Technical Director, at

Outside Research

AFS is also integrally involved in outside research benefiting AFS members. These include the following:

Research Success Stories