Foundry E-Learning

Mold Your Future: State Grants May Fund Your Foundry Skills Training

Foundry E-Learning is ideal for training new hires…not to mention for cross-training and developing promising employees. Customize your own training program with 110 modules covering all aspects of the foundry, including some in Spanish

Contact Jen Christian at or 847-824-0181 to schedule a free, no-obligation live demonstration and for assistance with contacting your state for training grants.

Tim Williams
Batesville Products Inc.
Lawrenceburg, IN

Rick Sellner
Dotson Iron Castings
Mankato, MN

Mark Soucie
Ferroloy, Inc.
Wichita, KS

Kim Hugget
Dakota Foundry
Webster, SD

Glenn Huneycutt
Charlotte Pipe & Foundry
Charlotte, NC

Jane Fischer
Waupaca Foundry
Several Midwest locations

John Harvey
Benton Foundry
Benton, PA

Aubrey Heald
Kent State
University Kent, OH

Jordan Brown
BCI Solutions, Inc.
Bremen, IN

Sara Yarian
Metal Technologies
Auburn, IN

Brittany Shackleton 
Torrance Casting
La Crosse, WI



Select modules that best meet your needs from the following categories: 3D Sand Printing, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Coldbox, Copper, Defect Analysis, Gating & Riser Design, Green Sand Molding, Introduction to Metalcasting, Lean Manufacturing, Lost Foam, Mechanics for Heat Treatment, Nobake Molding and Coremaking, Permanent Mold, Purchasing Castings, Sand Testing, Steel, and Safety.

Each module can be completed in 20 to 40 minutes, with quizzes and mini-tests at the end to reinforce new insights and skills.

To see a full catalog of AFS courses and Foundry E-Learning modules, click here.

Contact Jen Christian at, or call 847-824-0181 to schedule a free, no-obligation demonstration.



Are you a foundry wanting to upgrade your on-board training program and improve retention of new hires? AFS Institute Foundry E-Learning offers easy to use modules that seamlessly integrate into your current on-boarding program. The AFS Institute has put together four sample on-board training schedules using Foundry E-Learning modules for Aluminum, Copper, Iron, and Steel foundries. To see how you could integrate AFS Institute Foundry E-Learning into your on-board training, click the links below.

Aluminum Foundries

Copper Foundries

Iron Foundries

Steel Foundries


Two Convenient Options

AFS Corporate Members are strongly encouraged to invest in an affordable subscription. Any company employee may take any of the 110 modules. Yearly subscriptions start as low as $1,300 depending on facility size. Join dozens of other Corporate Members who are taking advantage of this training option. Click here for a Foundry E-Learning subscription form.

Alternatively, modules are available individually for purchase. Click here to select the modules that best suit your interests and needs.

The Best in Foundry Education

The AFS Institute recently invested $1 million to develop the world’s most comprehensive and current foundry education curriculum, hosted on Absorb’s state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS). AFS Foundry E-Learning captures and conveys all of the skills development and insight of our classroom education in a digital format that is perfect for today’s business needs.

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