AFS Ray Witt Award

Ray Witt


About this Award: Ray Witt (1921-2011) was an influential metalcaster and past AFS president who founded Ray H. Witt Industries and Cast Metal Industries (later CMI International) in the mid-20th century. Witt's importance to the metalcasting industry is evident in the many institutions and honors that bear his name, including Case Western Reserve's Witt Metallurgical Modeling and Research Laboratory, Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Ray H. Witt Metalcasting Center, and the AFS Ray Witt Award.

The AFS Ray Witt Award was established to recognize work related to marketing cast metal components and management of metalcasting facilities. The intent is to recognize work that is likely to result in both immediate and lasting benefits for the cast metals industry.

Marketing: The award is designed to honor work that is aimed at increasing the size of the metalcasting industry and help insure long-term profitability and sustainability of metalcasting manufacturing. New developments and innovations that have the potential to transform the market for metalcastings include casting design innovations, development of new markets for castings, conversions to castings from other processes and developments that remove barriers inhibiting casting applications.

Management: The award is also intended to honor management-related presentations that have the potential for information, ideas, knowledge, processes or technologies to have a positive impact on the metalcasting industry, supplier or customer communities to move the industry toward higher levels of efficiency. In this area, presentations on plant management, human resources, finance, safety and other management issues are eligible. 

Nominations: Nominations must be made through the AFS technical committees and should be based on project steering committee recommendations. Official nomination should be submitted from the chair of the sponsoring AFS Technical Division using the official nomination form. 

AFS Ray Witt Nomination Form

Previous Winners

Award Year Title Paper No Author (s) Nominating Division
2023 Executive Safety Responsibility 22-025 Theodore Schorn Environmental, Health and Safety Division
2020 Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) Tools for High Performance Cast Aluminum Component Developments  17-017 Qigui Wang, Paul Jones, Yucong Wang, Dale Gerard  Aluminum & Light Metals Division
2019 What Impact will 3-D Metal Printing Have on Investment Casting?  18-109 Thomas Mueller  Molding Methods & Materials
2016 Design Considerations for Three Dimensional Printed Cores and Molds 15-086 Kip Woods, Sairam Ravi  Molding Methods & Materials
2013 Management Decision Making & The Cost/Benefit of Multiple 100% Inspections


Theodore Schorn  Engineering Division 
2012 Understanding Quality in Aluminum Castings  11-013 Geoffrey Sigworth  Aluminum & Light Metals Division
2010 The Coming Boom in North American Casting Demand from Renewable Energy Applications 07-099 M. Swartzlander, D. Hays  Marketing Division 
2009 Magnesium Vision 2020, a North American Automotive Strategic Vision for Magnesium  08-156 G. Cole Magnesium Division
2008 Competence Development for Improved Visual Inspection Effectiveness 07-127 Theodore Schorn  Engineering Division 
2007 An Overview of the Chinese Metalcasting Market  06-073 M. Swartzlander  Marketing Division 
2006 GM Resin Selection Process for the Precision Sand Project  05-171 L. Stahl, D.J. Couture  Molding Methods & Materials
2005 Tools for Developnig a Fact-Based Marketing Plan  04-093 R. Bake  Marketing Division 
2004 Measuring and Reducing Appraisal Costs in the Foundry  03-065 Theodore Schorn  Engineering Division 
2003 Applications of Austempered Cast Irons  02-084 K. Hayrnen, K. Brandenberg, J. Keough  Cast Iron Division 
2002 Metalcasting Engineering Systems: Harnessing the Benefits of Metalcasting 99-120 J. Tirpak, R. Rarrara, V. Olmstead  Marketing Division 
2000 Ergonomic Issues in the Gray and Ductile Iron Foundry Industry  97-142 T. Fredericks, S. Ramrattan, L. Bringelson  Cast Iron Division