William H. McFadden Gold Medalists

AFS awards the William H. McFadden Gold Medal for "outstanding achievements, contributions and service to the industry and the American Foundry Society."

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Award Recipients

2022: Thomas Prucha, International Journal of Metalcasting

2017: Sara A. Joyce, Badger Mining Corporation

2016: Douglas M. Trinowski, HA International

2012: Paul Cervellero, Induction Melting & Holding Systems

2011: John O. Serra, Carpenter Brothers, Inc.

2008: Thomas W. Stark, Badger Mining Corporation

2005: Dwight J. Barnhard, Superior Aluminum Castings, Inc.

2004: J. Michael Williams, Retired, General Motors Powertrain

2002: Paul L. Barker, Jr., Dalton Corporation

2000  John L. Kelly, Retired-CWC Castings Div.

1998: Dale P. Brautigam, LubeCon Systems, Inc.

1997: Jerry Agin, Retired

1994: Louis J. Pedicini, George Fischer Foundry Systems, Inc.

1993: William M. O'Neill, Alloy Engineering & Casting Co.

1987: Richard A. Green, AIMCOR

1984: Charles E. Fausel, Lester B. Knight & Associates, Inc.

1982: John O. Edwards, Consultant

1980: George J. Vingas, Ceramco, Inc.

1978: Jack Goudzwaard, Neenah Foundry Co.

1976: Bruce L. Simpson, National Engineering Co.

1974: Joseph S. Schumacher, International Minerals & Chemical Corp.

1972: Lester B. Knight, Lester B. Knight & Associates Inc.

1969: E.C. Troy, National Engineering Co.

1966: Richard W. Heine, University of Wisconsin

1962: Walter Bonsack, Aluminum & Magnesium, Inc.

1960: Sam F. Carter, Jr., American Cast Iron Pipe Co.

1958: Howard J. Rowe, Aluminum Co. of America

1956: James S. Vanick, International Nickel Co.

1954: Walter E. Sicha, Aluminum Co. of America

1953: William J. Grede, Grede Foundries, Inc.

1952: Henton Morrogh, British Cast Iron Research Association

1950: Dr. Richard Schneidewind, University of Michigan

1949: Gosta Vennerholm, Ford Motor Co.

1948: Egbert H. Ballard, General Electric Co.

1947: Harry M. St. John, Crane Co.

1946: Hyman Bornstein, Deere & Co.

1943: Carl F. Joseph, Central Foundry Div., General Motors Corp.

1941: Max Kuniansky, Lynchburg Foundry Co.

1940: Harry W. Dietert, Harry W. Dietert Co.

1939: Donald J. Campbell, Campbell, Wyant & Cannon Foundry Co.

1937: Charles W. Briggs, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

1932: Dr. H.W. Gillett, Battelle Memorial Institute

1928: Alexander E. Outerbridge, Jr., Wm. Sellers & Co.

1925: Dr. Robert Anderson

(Company affiliations shown at time of presentation)