Peter L. Simpson Gold Medalists

AFS presents the Peter L. Simpson Gold Medal for “outstanding contributions in promoting public esteem or service which reflects credit on the metalcasting industry.”

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Award Recipients

2020: Dennis Dotson, Dotson Iron Castings

2017: Gary M. Gigante, Waupaca Foundry

2016: Frank C. Headington, Neenah Enterprises

2007: Gary Thoe, Waupaca Foundry

2003: Ray Witt, CMI Management Services

2001: R. Conner Warren, Citation Corp.

1999: James Pearson, Aurora Metals Division LLC

1995: T. Morris Hackney, Citation Corp.

1992: George W. Mathews, Jr., Intermet Corp.

1991: George Booth, Ford Motor Co.

1988: Lawrence Krueger, Pelton Casteel Inc.

1987: Charles Drury, Hayes-Albion Corp.

1986: Ashley Sinnet, American Foundrymen’s Society

1985: Thomas Wiltse, General Motors Corp.

1983: Burleigh Jacobs, Grede Foundries

1982: Glenn W. Stahl, Stahl Specialties Co.

1979: Charles F. Seelbach, Jr., Forest City Foundries Co.

1977: Karl Landgrebe, Wheland Automotive Industries

1974: Collins Carter, Hayes-Albion Corp.

1973: John A. Wagner, Sr., Wagner Castings Co.

1972: Aldo Dacco, LIASA, Italy

1969: Elmer Braun, General Motors Corp.

1967: Ronald Ruddle, Foseco, Inc.

1964: Dr. Albrt DeSy, University of Ghent, Belgium

1961: Merton Flemings, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1959: John Rassenfoss, American Steel Foundries

1957: Charles K. Donoho, American Cast Iron Pipe Co.

1955: John Rehder, Canada Iron Foundries

1954: Roy Gezelius, General Steel Castings Corp.

1953: James H. Smith, General Motors Corp.

1952: Albert Gagnebin and Keith D. Millis, International Nickel Co.

1951: Thomas W. Curry, Lynchburg Foundry

1949: Russell Anderson, Belle City Malleable Iron Co.

1948: Peter Rentschler, Hamilton Foundry & Machine

1947: Dr. Richard Flinn, Jr., American Brake Shoe Co.

1946: Howard F. Taylor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

(Company affiliations shown at time of presentation)