William J. Grede Award

This award, in recognition of William J. Grede, was established in 1970. It is given for major contributions in the fields of management, marketing or education thereof which have resulted in expanding the effective use of metal castings. This award is presented at the annual Foundry Leadership Summit.

William J. Grede was an industrious entrepreneur who began his foundry leadership career in 1920 at the age of 23, when he purchased the Liberty Foundry in Wisconsin. Mr. Grede later purchased and launched several other foundries, producing high-quality gray iron, ductile iron and steel castings. A respected leader, he also served as President of the National Association of Manufacturers in 1952.

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Award Recipients

2023: Charles M. Kurtti, Neenah Foundry Co.

2022: Jiten Shah, PDA

2021: Greg Simmons, Charlotte Pipe & Foundry

2020: Atsushi Nagai, Sintokogio, Ltd.

2019: Arthur P. (Pete) Guidi, Jr., Ward Manufacturing LLC

2015: Rick Sutton, General Motors

2013: Manuel Rivera, ALFA Corporativo

2012: Eugene C. Muratore, Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium

2008: Douglas M. Trinowski, HA International

2007: Phil Duke, The Mouat Company, Inc.

2006: Donald E. Gaertner, Retired, Metalcasting Equipment, Inc.

2005: Alan K. Steffe, General Motors Corporation

2003: Robert W. Smillie, Nemak

2001: Charles J. Didion, Didion International Inc.

200: William Allan Hunter, Hunter Automated Machinery Corp.

1999: Donald G. Bruner

1998: Douglas G. Warner, Porter Warner Industries

1998: John R. (Chip) Keough, Applied Process Inc.

1997: R. Conner Warren, Citation Corp.

1996: Ronald L. Claussen, Caterpillar Inc.

1995: Henry M. Rowan, Inductotherm Industires, Inc.

1994: Lewis W. Essex, Essex Castings, Inc.

1993: Edgar B. Butler, Jr., Taylor & Fenn Co.

1992: Eugene E. Langner, Jr., American Cast Iron Pipe Co.

1991: Burleigh Jacobs, Grede Foundries, Inc.

1990: Anthony Yonto, Quality Casting Co.

1989: Robert Eck, Eck Industries

1988: Richard W. Levan, Western Foundry Co. Ltd.

1987: Jack Steele, Grede Foundries, Inc.

1986: Alvin W. Singleton, Lynchburg Foundry

1985: Thomas J. Trezek, Central Foundry Div., General Motors Corp.

1984: George R. Metcalf, III, EMI Co. (Erie Malleable Iron Co.)

1983: Donald B. Birtwistle, Great Lakes Casting Corp.

1982: William S. Williams, Lynchburg Foundry

1981: Leslie J. Woehlke, Grede Foundries, Inc.

1980: Stedman G. Sweet, The Eastern Co.

1979: Jack Miske, M&T Foundry

1978: Francis LeBaron, E.L. LeBaron Foundry Co.

1977: Max M. Anglin, The Dalton Foundries, Inc.

1976: Albert W. Gruer, Jr., Hamilton Foundry

1974: Carl A. Weigell, Motor Castings Co.

1972: Walter O. Larson, Larson Foundries

(Company affiliations shown at time of presentation)