Service Citations

AFS awards Service Citations "outstanding general service, of a primarily non-technical nature, to AFS, its chapters and the casting industry."

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Award Recipients

2023: Kelley J. Kerns, HA International, LLC

2022: Scott Giese, University of Northern Iowa

2022: Sairam Ravi, University of Northern Iowa

2022: Mike Bartol, American Colloid Company-Division of Mineral Technologies Inc.

2021: Dr. Russell L. Rosmait, Pittsburg State University

2021: Brian E. Began, Foseco

2020: Dr. Sam Ramrattan, Western Michigan University

2020: Jeff Sorenson, Lee Brass Co.

2019: George B. Kokos, Caterpillar Mapleton Foundry

2019: Peter Satre, Allied Mineral Products, Inc.

2019: Brian V. Smith, Casting Consultant

2018: Brad Steinkamp, Dura-Bar

2018: Ed Marczyszak, Burndy Corporation

2018: Kathy Hayrynen, Applied Process Inc.

2017: Steve Sikorski, Magma Foundry Technologies

2017: Godfrey F. Sergeant, MPG Casting Technologies (Grede)

2016: Robert Beard, Sloan Valve Co.

2016: Kenneth Murphy, American Cast Iron Pipe Company

2016: Peter Gravunder, Badger Mining Corp.

2015: Gerard R. Thiel, University of Northern Iowa 

2015: Kevin McMahon, Elkem

2015: Michael L. Jones, Ford Meter Box Co.

2014: Richard McMinn, Buck Company

2014: Patricio Gil, Blackhawk de Mexico

2014: Michael Czaplewski, Milwaukee Chaplet

2014: B. Lee Tuttle, Kettering University

2013: J. Leigh Omer, Fresno Valves & Castings

2013: Robert Smillie, RWS

2013: Tommy Horton, Reich Companies

2012: Sandy Linton, Tonkawa Foundry Inc.

2012: R. Monroe, SFSA

2012: Greg Miskinis, ThyssenKrupp Waupaca

2011: David Williams, Allied Mineral Products, Inc.

2010: Harley Scoggins, Texas Cast Metals Association

2010: Peter C. Reich, Reich Companies

2010: Norris Luther, Consultant

2010: Ian Kay, Hot Metal Technology, LLC

2009: Harold Hoak, Motor Castings, Co.

2008: Ronald Pomeroy, Kansas Castings

2008: Lawrence Helm, Blackhawk Foundry & Machine Co.

2007: Mark Ziegler, Unimin Corp.

2007: Gerald Wilkinson, Kohler Company

2006: David Weiss, Eck Industries, Inc.

2006: Stephen Ducharme, H. Kramer & Co.

2006: John Andrews, Neenah Foundry Co.

2005: Ruth Ann Wood, Ashland Chemical

2005: Tim Kreuzer, Ford Motor Co. Cleveland Casting Plant

2005: Harry Galloway, Unimin Corp.

2004: Dan Torzewski, International Truck and Engine Corp.

2004: Charles Ruud, Metaltek International

2004: Sara Joyce, Badger Mining

2004: D.J. Couture, General Motors Corp.

2003: Joseph Ward, Indianapolis Casting Corp.

2003: Alan Steffe, General Motors Corp.

2003: Fred Schlegg, AFS (retired)

2003: John Grabel, Caterpillar Inc.

2003: Nino Davi, Pacific Steel

2002: Doug Trinowski, Delta-HA Inc.

2002: Walter Scott, Scott Sales

2002: Stephen Sauer, Carpenter Brothers Inc.

2002: Steven Imm, Waupaca Foundry

2002: Bruce W. Dienst, Simpson Technologies Corp.

2001: David Silsby, Simpson Technologies Corp.

2001: Eugene Muratore, Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium America

2001: David Jablonski, Badger Mining

2001: James E. Brown, Bremen Castings, Inc.

2001: Stanley Bass, Fort Worth Aluminum

2000: Mike Hamilton, General Motors Corp.

2000: Thomas Caldwell, Cast-Fab Technologies

2000: Arthur J. Barnwell, George F. Pettinos LTD

2000: Scott M. Strobl, Simpson Technologies

1999: Thomas W. Stark, Badger Mining

1999: William Shaw, ICRI

1999: Ed Grandy, H. Kramer & Co.

1998: Edwin Loebler, American Cast Iron Pipe Co.

1998: Richard Grimes, Houston Pattern Works

1998: George Goodrich, Bodycote Taussig Inc.

1998: Arthur Ben Dunning, Jr., American Cast Iron Pipe Co.

1997: Robert VanWyngaarden, Lakeshore Sand Co. Ltd.

1997: Harold Simmons, Retired

1997: Paul Hansen, United Western Supply

1997: Jerome Dziedzic, Pelton Casteel Inc.

1997: Gerald G. Call, Stahl Specialty Company

1996: Robert Zayko, Soil and Materials Engineers

1996: Blanche Williams, Ford Motor Co.

1996: Thomas Hurley, Bodine Aluminum

1995: John E. Carpenter, Carpenter Brothers, Inc.

1995: Scott Layman, Kent State University

1995: Donald S. Carter, Consultant

1994: Paul Barker, Newnam Manufacturing

1994: Geary Smith, G&W Electric Co.

1994: Carroll Mobley, Ohio State University

1994: Avery Kearney, Avery Kearney & Co.

1993: James Young, The Morie Co.

1993: Doug Warner, Porter Warner Industries

1993: George Good, Ford Motor Co.

1992: David Kunkel, Ford Meter Box Co.

1992: William Schulze, Jr., Caterpillar

1992: Alan Volkmar, Brillion Iron Works

1991: Donald Soderlund, American Minerals

1991: John Serra, Carpenter Brothers

1991: Allen Filipic, Casting Equipment Inc.

1990: Carlton Metzloff, Erie Community College

1990: Michael Gwyn, Pelton Casteel, Inc

1990 Ken DeFerrari, Norton-Abex Defense Systems, Inc.

1989: John Parr, Dofasco

1989: Hans Heine, Foundry Management & Technology

1989: Paul Carey, Ashland Chemical

1988: Wayne Riggle, Wells Manufacturing

1988: Louis Iannettoni, Meloon Foundries

1988: Edgar Hopkins, ABC Coke Div., Drummond Coal Inc.

1987: John Waseem, American Steel Foundries

1987: Alvin Jacobson, Grand Haven Brass Foundry

1987: Don Askeland, University of Missouri-Rolla

1986: Nick Wukovich, Foseco, Inc.

1986: John Miske, Foundry Management & Technology

1986: Thomas Davies, Carpenter Brothers, Inc.

1985: Daryl Hoyt, Wedron Silica Co.

1985: Daniel Gentile, Consultant

1984: Robert Jacoby, St. Louis Coke & Foundry Supply Co.

1984: E.C. Austin, Jr., National Aluminum & Brass Foundry

1983: Charles Schureman, Consultant

1983: Weston Potter, Potter Supply Co.

1983: William E. Bopp, The Marmon Group, Midwest Foundry Co.

1982: Leon Morel, Jr., Morel Foundry Corp.

1982: Guenter Hoehold, Brown Boveri Corp.

1981: Walter Larson, Jr., Larson Consolidated

1980: Wayne Rossbacher, Faskure Coated Sand Div., Aurora Industries

1980: George Koren, Pettibone Corp.

1980: William Bearden, M.A. Bell Co.

1979: Jeff Westover, Wetover Corp.

1979: Richard Green, IMC Foundry Products

1978: Lyle Jenkins, Wagner Castings Co.

1978: Warren Spear, INCO, Inc.

1978: Hans Heine, Brown Boveri Corp.

1977: Russell Hard, St. Louis Coke & Foundry Supply

1977: Frederick Cowles, McEnglevan Heat Treating & Manufacturing Co.

1976: Frederick Riddell, H. Kramer & Co.

1976: Chlyde Jenni, General Steel Industries

1976: Donald Crews, Clow Corp.

1975: Elvin AuBuchon, M.A. Bell Co.

1974: Herman Mandel, Pennsylvania Foundry Supply & Sand Co.

1974: Charles Cousineau, L-C Refractories & Supply Co., Inc.

1973: William Willmot, The Herman Corp.

1973: Robert LeMaster, Nelson Pattern & Foundry Co.

1972: Frank Shipley, Caterpillar Tractor Co.

1972: Victor Rowell, Construction Aggregates Corp.

1972: Dale Brautigam, Campbell, Wyant, & Cannon Foundry Co.

1971: Robert Wolf, University of Missouri-Rolla

1971: James Pace, United-Erie, Inc.

1971: Clifford Lonnee, Alloyed Grairon Castings Corp.

1970: John Rost, Cleveland Standard Pattern Works

1970: Albert L. Hunt, River Cement Co.

1969: Frederick Menzel, Dependable Shell Core Machines

1969: Lewis Durdin, Dixie Bronze Co.

1968: Edward King, Consultant

1968: William Dunn, Oberdorfer Foundries

1967: Arthur Falk, Centrifugal Products Inc.

1966: F. Kermit Donaldson, SFSA

1966: Jake Dee, Dee Brass Foundry Inc.

1965: Milton Sell, Drake Manufacturing Co.

1965: Joseph Costello, American Hoist & Derrick Co.

1964: William G. Parker, General Electric Co.

1964: James L. Leach, University of Illinois

1963: Webb Kammerer, Midvale Mining & Manufacturing

1963: George Garvey, Garvey Pattern & Manufacturing

1962: Eric Welander, John Deere Malleable Works

1962: Frank Cech, Max Hayes Trade School in Cleveland

1961: Jess Toth, Harry W. Dietert Co.

1961: Alexander Barczak, Superior Foundry, Inc.

1961: Kenneth M. Smith, Caterpillar Tractor Co.

1960: Victor Zang, Unitcast Corp.

1960: William Ball, Jr., R. Lavin & Sons

1959: Roy Schroeder, University of Illinois

1959: James R. Allan, Allan Industries, inc.

1958: Fred G. Sefing, International Nickel

1957: Vincent Delport, Penton Publishing

1957: Horace Deane, Campbell, Wyant & Cannon Foundry Co.

1957: Thomas Barlow, International Minerals & Chemical Corp.

(Company affiliations shown at time of presentation)