AFS Applied Research Award

Applied Research Award


About this award:

The AFS Applied Research Award recognizes the Principal Investigators of AFS-funded research projects and the companies that collaborate with them to transfer research and technical development to the metalcasting industry and actively apply research on the factory floor.

The emphasis of this award is on practical research that directly addresses pressing technical problems faced by metalcasting facilities, the speed with which the research is transferred into shop floor applications, and the collaborative role in developing and implementing technology.

Nominations must be made through the AFS technical committees and should be based on project steering committee recommendations. Official nomination should be submitted from the chair of the sponsoring AFS Technical Division using the official nomination form.

Applied Research Nomination Form

Previous Winners (Principal Investigator and Steering Committee Chairman):

Award Year Research Project Paper No: Principal Investigator Steering Committee Chair Sponsoring Division
2023 Turbulent Gating Effect on C89833 21-110 Andy Shea   Copper Div.
2022 Quantifying Casting Quality Through Filling Conditions 20-051 Dan Hoefert Adam Kopper Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
2021 Powered Sweeper Crystalline Silica Exposure Study 23-067 Jason Lang & Jacob Persky Fred Simpson Environmental, Health & Safety Div.
2020 Prediction and Control of Distortion in Permanent Molds 19-209 Lynn Ferguson David Neff Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
2019 None        
2018 Influence of Mn and S on the Properties and Microstructure of Cast Iron - Phase 1 & 2 14-079 / 14-031 Richard Gundlach Leonard Winardi & Matt Meyer Cast Iron Div.
2017 Permanent Mold Casting of a Structural Component from Al Alloy 206 15-081 Yemi Fasoyinu, David Weiss, Jiten Shah, Rob Bailey Aluminum Perm. Mold Committee Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
2016 Optimizing Mechanical Properties of Cast Aluminum Alloys by Molten Metal Treatment Phase 1 & 2 11-053 David Schwam David Neff Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
2015 Ultrasonic Testing Gage R&R Study 11-029 Robert Tuttle Alastair Davidson Steel Div.
2014 Identifying, Implementing and Sustaining Energy Savings 13-1597 James Wiczer Brian Reinke Engineering Div.
2013 None        
2012 Investigation of Cracking of Copper-Bismuth Alloys MC Vol. 100 Iss. 7 July 2010 Kumar Sadayappan Jeff Sorenson Copper Div.
2011 Heat Treatment Parameters to Optimize Mechanical Properties of Pressure Infiltrated Cast Aluminum Based Metal Matrix Composites IJMC 2011 Vol. 1 Adam Loukus Mike Black Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
2010 Operator Interface Logic Development for Lost Foam Process Modeling 06-034(11) Ken Williams  Jerry Barendreght Lost Foam Div.
2009 Effects of Bismuth & Selenium on the Properties of Red Brasses 02-148 Kumar Sadayappan Not Applicable  Copper Div.