John H. Whiting Gold Medalists

AFS presents the John H. Whiting Gold Medal for "outstanding technical, engineering or managerial contributions to the ferrous sector of the industry."

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Award Recipients

2021: Kathy L. Hayrynen, Applied Process Inc.

2008: George M. Goodrich, Stork Climax Research Services

1996: Robert J. Warrick, Intermet Foundries

1994: Norman P. Lillybeck, Deere & Co.

1993: Donald G. Brunner, Waupaca Foundry, Inc.

1990: Samuel C. Clow

1989: Dr. Seymour Katz, Research Labs, General Motors Corp.

1984: Lyle R. Jenkins, Wagner Castings Co., Ductile Iron Society

1977: Vernon H. Patterson, Foote Mineral Co.

1974: Fred J. Webbere, Research Labs, General Motors Corp.

1971: Harry H. Kessler

1968: Samuel Lipson, Frankford Arsenal

1964: William C. Truckenmiller, Albion Malleable Iron Co.

1962: F.W.E. Spies, Royal Dutch Iron & Steel Works, Ymuiden

1959: Harold W. Lownie, Jr., Battelle Memorial Institute

1957: Clyde A. Sanders, American Colloid Co.

1955: John B. Caine, Consultant

1953: Daniel E. Krause, Gray Iron Research Institute

1951: Alfred Boyles, U.S. Pipe & Foundry Co.

1949: Silvio C. Massari, American Foundrymen's Society

1946: Peter Blackwood, Ford Motor Co. of Canada

1944: Alfred W. Gregg, Whiting Corp.

1942: Alfred L. Boegehold, Research Labs, General Motors Corp.

1941: Donald J. Reese, International Nickel Co.

1940: Frederick K. Vial, Griffin Wheel Co.

1939: James R. Allan, International Harvester Co.

1937: Dr. James T. MacKenzie, American Cast Iron Pipe Co.

1936: David McLain

1934: Dr. Arnold Lenz, Pontiac Motor Div., General Motors Corp.

1931: Ralph S. MacPherran, Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co.

1925: Dr. E.V. Ronceray

1924: John H. Hall, Taylor-Wharton Iron & Steel Co.

(Company affiliations shown at time of presentation)