Joseph S. Seaman Gold Medalists

AFS presents the Joseph S. Seaman Gold Medal for "outstanding contributions in research, process development and inventions."

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Award Recipients

2015: Richard B. Gundlach, Element Materials Technology

2011: Doru Michael Stefanescu, The Ohio State University

2004: Rodney L. Naro, ASI International Ltd.

2001: Alan P. Volkmar

1998: Paul H. Mikkola, Hitchiner Mfg. Co. Inc.

1997: S. David Sanders, Caterpillar Inc.

1995: John L. Jorstad, CMI International, Inc.

1992: Dr. Charles E. Bates, Southern Research Institute

1989: Mathew J. Granlund, Foundry Systems Control

1983: Robert B. Fischer, Ingersoll Rand Co.

1981: William J. Willmot, Herman Corp.

1979: George E. Tubich, George E. Tubich & Associates

1976: Robert L. Doelman, American Colloid Co.

1975: Edwin Walcher, Jr., Amsted Industries, Inc.

1973: Harvey E. Henderson, Lynchburg Foundry, A Mead Co.

1970: Anton Dorfmueller, Jr., Ashland Chemical Co.

1966: Donald L. LaVelle, American Smelting & Refining Co.

1962: A. James Kiesler, General Electric Co.

1960: Theron D. Stay, Reynolds Metals Co.

1958: William W. Maloney, American Foundrymen's Society

1956: Harold F. Bishop, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

1954: Thomas E. Eagan, Cooper-Bessemer Corp.

1953: William Romanoff, H. Kramer & Co.

1952: Dr. Albert Portevin

1950: Dr. Clarence H. Lorig, Battelle Memorial Institute

1947: Henry S. Washburn, Plainville Casting Co.

1945: Robert E. Kennedy, American Foundrymen's Association

1944: Wm. G. Reichert, Wm. G. Reichert Engineering Co.

1941: Charles E. Hoyt, American Foundrymen's Association

1940: Frederick A. Melmoth, Detroit Steel Casting Co.

1938: Frederick A. Lorenz, American Steel Foundries

1936: Dr. H. Ries, Cornell University

1933: Dr. Guilliam H. Clamer, Ajax Metal Co.

1929: Jesse L. Jones, Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co

1927: Robert A. Bull, Electric Steel Founders Research Group

1926: Dr. Thomas Turner, University of Birmingham

1925: Dr. Richard Moldenke

(Company affiliations shown at time of presentation)