Past Presidents

As a member-led organization, AFS is led each year by an elected President who comes from the membership of the organization. The list of past Presidents follows below:


2017-2018     Patricio Gil, Blackhawk de Mexico

2016-2017     Jeff Cook, Eagle Alloy

2015-2016     Bruce W. Dienst, Simpson Technologies

2014-2015     Christopher C. Norch, Denison Industries

2013-2014     Dennis Dotson, Dotson Iron Castings

2012-2013     Michael L. Selz, Charlotte Pipe & Foundry

2011-2012     Tim McMillin, Fairmount Minerals

2010-2011     Henry W. Lodge, Lodge Manufacturing Company

2009-2010     Steve Reynolds, Lufkin Industries

2007-2009     Paul Mikkola, Metal Casting Technology Inc.

2006-2007     Albert Lucchetti, Cumberland Foundry

2005-2006     James Keffer, EBAA Iron Sales

2004-2005     Chrles M. Kurtti, Neenah Foundry Company

2003-2004     Arthur Edge, American Cast Iron Pipe Company

2002-2003     Paul B. Cervellero, Inductotherm

2001-2002     Donald L. Huizenga, Kurdziel Industries

2000-2001     Donald E. Gaertner, Metalcasting Equipment Inc.

1999-2000     Jack Pohlman, Taylor-Pohlman

1998-1999     Jack Moore, Stahl Specialty Co.

1997-1998     George Boyd, Sr., Golden’s Foundry

1996-1997     Henry W. Dienst, Simpson Technologies

1995-1996     Dwight J. Barnhard, Superior Aluminum Castings

1994-1995     Thomas E. Woehlke, Lawran Foundry

1993-1994     Daniel M. Goodyear, Pennsylvania Steel Foundry & Machine

1992-1993     Ray H. Witt, CMI International

1991-1992     R. Conner Warren, Citation Corp.

1990-1991     Jerry Agin, The Hill & Griffith Co.

1989-1990     James D. Pearson (ACMA Chairman), Aurora Industries

1989-1990     Alvin W. Singleton, Intermet Corp.

1988-1989     Tim Hitchcock, Hitchcock Industries

1987-1988     Albert W. Gruer (ACMA Chairman), Waupaca Foundry

1987-1988     Anton Dorfmueller, Ashland Chemical

1986-1987     John L. Kelly, Textron

1985-1986     William M. O’Neill, Alloy Engineering & Casting Co.

1984-1985     George N. Booth, Ford Motor Co.

1983-1984     Hugh Sims, Jr., Vulcan Engineering

1982-1983     Eugene E. Paul, The Dalton Foundries

1981-1982     Lawrence S. Krueger Pelton Casteel

1980-1981     Charles E. Drury, Hayes-Albion Corp.

1979-1980     J.R. Bodine, Bodine Aluminum

1978-1979     John A. Wagner, Jr., Wagner Castings

1977-1978     Roy Nosek, Beardsley & Piper Div., Pettibone Corp.

1975-1977     Tom Wiltse, General Motors

1975               Frank Ryan, St. Paul Brass Foundry

1974-1975     Charles Fausel, Lester B. Knight & Associates

1973-1974     Sam Clow, Clow Corp.

1972-1973     Burleigh E. Jacobs, Grede Foundries

1971-1972     J. Douglas James, Urick Foundry Co.

1970-1971     Clyde Sanders, American Colloid

1969-1970     John O’Meara, Banner Iron Works

1968-1969     Bernard Ames, Columbian Bronze

1967-1968     Charles F. Seelbach, Jr., Forest City Foundries

1966-1967     Dale Hall, Oklahoma Steel Castings

1965-1966     Warren Jeffrey, McWane Cast Iron Pipe Co.

1964-1965     Thomas Lloyd, Albion Malleable Iron Co.

1963-1964     Allen Slichter, Pelton Steel Casting Co.

1962-1963     John A. Wagner, Wagner Castings Co.

1961-1962     Albert L. Hunt, Superior Foundry

1960-1961     Norman Dunbeck, International Minerals & Chemical

1959-1960     Charles Nelson, Dow Chemical

1958-1959     Lewis Durdin, Dixie Bronze Co.

1957-1958     Harry Dietert, Harry W. Dietert Co.

1956-1957     Frank W. Shipley, Caterpillar Tractor Co.

1955-1956     Bruce L. Simpson, National Engineering Co.

1954-1955     Frank Dost, Sterling Foundry

1953-1954     Collins Carter, Albion Malleable Iron Co.

1952-1953     I. Richards Wagner, Electric Steel Castings Co.

1951-1952     Walter L. Seelbach, Superior Foundry

1950-1951     Walton Woody, National Malleable & Steel Castings Co.

1949-1950     E.W. Horlebein, Gibson & Kirk Co.

1948-1949     W.B. Wallis, Pittsburgh Lectromelt Furnace Co.

1947-1948     Max Kuniansky, Lynchburg Foundry

1946-1947     S.V. Wood, Minneapolis Electric Steel Castings Co.

1945-1946     Fred J. Walls, International Nickel Co.

1944-1945     Ralph Teetor, Cadillac Malleable Iron Co.

1943-1944     Lee C. Wilson, American Chain & Cable Co.

1942-1943     D.P. Forbest, Gunite Foundries Corp.

1941-1942     Herbert S. Simpson, National Engineering Co.

1940-1941     L.N. Shannon, Stockham Pipe Fitting Co.

1939-1940     Henry S. Washburn, Plainville Casting Co.

1938-1939     Marshall Post, Plainville Casting Co.

1937-1938     H. Bornstein, Deere & Co.

1936-1937     James Wick, Jr. Falcon Bronze Co.

1934-1936     Dan Avey, The Foundry

1933-1934     Frank Lanahan, Fort Pitt Malleable Iron Co.

1932-1933     T.S. Hammond, Whiting Corp.

1931-1932     E.H. Ballard, General Electric Co.

1930-1931     Nathaniel Patch, Lumen Bearing Co.

1929-1930     Fred Erb, Erb-Joyce Foundry Co.

1928-1929     S.T. Johnson, S. Obermayer Co.

1926-1928     S. Wells Utley, Detroit Steel Casting Co.

1925-1926     A.B. Root, Jr., Hunt-Spiller Manufacturing Co.

1924-1925     L.W. Olson, Oho Brass Co.

1923-1924     G.H. Clamer, Ajax Metal Co.

1922-1923     C.R. Messinger, Chain Belt Co.

1920-1922     W.R. Bean, Eastern Malleable Iron Co.

1919-1920     Carl Koch, Fort Pitt Steel Casting Co.

1918-1919     A.O. Backert, Penton Publishing

1917-1918     B.D. Fuller, Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing

1916-1917     J.P. Pero, Missouri Malleable Iron Co.

1914-1916     Robert Bull, Commonwealth Steel Co.

1913-1914     Alfred Howell, Phillips & Buttorff  Co.

1912-1913     Henry Miles, Buffalo Foundry & Machine

1910-1912     Major Joseph Speer, Pittsburgh Valve Foundry & Construction Co.

1909-1910     Arthur Waterfall, Russell Wheel & Foundry

1908-1909     L.L. Anthies, Anthes Foundry Ltd.

1907-1908     Stanley Flagg, Jr., Stanley G. Flagg & Co.

1906-1907     William McFadden, Mackintosh, Hemphill Co.

1905-1906     Thomas West, Thomas D. West Foundry

1904-1905     Chris Wolff, L. Wolff Manufacturing Co.

1903-1904     Willis Brown, Walker Foundry

1902-1903     A.W. Walker, Walker-Pratt Manufacturing Co.

1901-1902     John Sadlier, Sprinfield Foundry Co.

1900-1901     W. A. Jones, W.A. Jones Foundry & Machine Co.

1899-1900     Joseph S. Seaman, Seaman-Sleeth Co.

1898-1899     C.S. Bell, C.S. Bell Co.

1896-1898     Francis Schumann, Tacony Iron & Metal Co.