Howard F. Taylor Award

Howard Taylor

About this Award:

The AFS Howard F Taylor Award was established in recognition of the paper having the greatest long-range technical significance in the field of cast metals technology, and presented at the Annual Metalcasting Congress of the Society. The emphasis on the paper's long-range technical implications to the metal casting industry was entirely consistent with Professor Taylor's lifelong professional efforts and ideas. The award is intended to encourage technical excellence in an industry which requires the very best talents of its technical people, recognizing work which lifts the sights of our industry to the future and temporarily away from our day-to-day problems.

Nominations: Nominations must be made through the AFS technical committees and should be based on project steering committee recommendations. Official nomination should be submitted from the chair of the sponsoring AFS Technical Division using the official nomination form.

Howard F Taylor Award Nomination Form

Previous Winners:

Award Year Paper Title Paper No. Author (s) Nominating Division
2023 Mutual B, Ti N Effects on Phase Transformations in Cast Iron: Thermodynamic Consideration and Experimental Verification 22-134 S. Pawaskar, L. Bartlett, S. Lekakh Cast Iron Div.
2022 Heat Treatments to Develop High Strength Ferritic Ductile Iron 19-142 R. Gundlach Cast Iron Div.
2021 Quantifying Casting Quality through Filling Conditions 20-051 D. Hoefert, Et al. Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
2020 (1) Evaluation of a New High Temperature Cast Aluminum Alloy for Cylinder Head Applications  18-034  Q. Wang, D. Hess, X. Yan, F. Caron Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
2020 (2) Structure of Spheroidal Graphite Nuclei and Spheroidizing Mechanism of Graphite in Mg-Treated Ductile Iron 19-087 J. Qing, M. Xu Cast Iron Div.
2019 Case Study: Shrinkage in Aluminum Castings Using Thermal Management of PUCB Resin System 18-100 B. Biersner, S. Ravi, S. Giese Molding Methods & Materials Div.
2018 Development of Casting of High Cerium Content Aluminum Alloys 17-013 D. Weiss Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
2017 Alloy Development for Highly Stressed Diesel Engine Cylinder Heads 14-008 B. Bourassa, D. Jean, F. Major Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
2016 None      
2015 Causes and Solutions to Veining Defects in Iron and Steel Castings 14-030 G. Thiel, S. Ravi Molding Methods & Materials Div.
2014 Development of Cast Al Alloys for Elevated Temperature (250C) Service 11-017 D. Weiss, G. Gegel, K. Sadayappan Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
2013 Comparison of Monotonic and Cyclic Properties of Ductile Irons in the AFS/DOE Strain-Life Fatigue Database for Cast Iron 12-082 J. Tartaglia Cast Iron Div.
2012 Replacement of Phenol-Formaldehyde in Urethane Binders 11-117 M. Patterson, G. Thiel Molding Methods & Materials Div.
2011 High Temperature Physical Properties of Chemically Bonded Sands Provide Insight into Core Distortion & Provides New Data for Casting Process Simulation 09-067 G. Thiel, L. Stahl, S. Dutler Molding Methods & Materials Div.
2010 Studies of Quenched Cupola, Pt. I, II & III 09-103, 09-104, 09-105 R. Aristizabal, C. Silva, P. Perez, V. Stanek, S. Katz Melting Methods & Materials Div.
2009 Analysis of Mold Filling in Lost Foam Casting of Aluminum 08-090(11) & 09-091(11) M. Barone, D. Caulk Lost Foam Div.
2008 (1) Ultrasonic Cavitation Based Solidification Processing of Bulk Magnesium Matrix Nanocomposite   07-135 X. Li, Z.Duan, G. Cao, A. Roure  Magnesium Div.*
2008 (2) Ultrasonic Cavitation Based Dispersion of Nanoparticles in Aluminum Melts for Solidification Processing of Bulk Aluminum Matrix Nanocomposite:  Theoretical Study, Fabrication and Characterization  07-133 X. Li, Y. Yang, D. Weiss Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
2007 Welding Ductile Iron to Steel:  A Reality 06-102 M. Gagne, S. Leclerc, S. Helgee, N. Stenbacka Cast Iron Div.
2006 Magnesium Casting Process Development Designing an Engine Cradle for Magnesium Semi-Permanent Mold Casting 05-217 S. Robison, D. Weiss, G. Gegel, G. Woycik, M. Marlatt, B. Cox Magnesium Div.*
2005 Foam Removal Mechanism in Aluminum Lost Foam Casting 02-083 Q. Zhao, J. Burke, T. Gustafson Lost Foam Div. 
2004 Developments in Lost Foam Casting of Magnesium 03-112 M. Marlatt, D. Weiss, J. Hryn Magnesium Div.*
2003 Process Modeling: Sand Core Blowing 02-141 K. Williams, D. Snider, M. Walker, S. Palczewski Engineering Div. 
2002 Age Strengthening of Gray Cast Iron, Phase I: Statistical Verification 99-191 V.Richards, W.Nicola Cast Iron Div.
2001 A Detailed Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of SeBiLOYS I & II 99-182 D. Peters, L. Whiting, P. Newcome, M. Sahoo, R. Zavadil Copper Alloy Div. 
2000 The Effect of Mold Filling Turbulence Fatigue of Cast Aluminum Alloys 98-058 C. Nyahumwa, N. Green, J. Campbell Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
1999 The European Direct Shell Sand Core and Mold Making Rapid Prototyping Process 97-105 P. Carey, K. Kerns, T. Sorovetz Molding Methods & Materials Div.
1998 Casting Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of Bi/Se-Modified Yellow Brass (SeBiLOY III) in Permanent Molds 97-110 D. Peteres, M. Sadayappan, F. Fasoyinu, D. Cousineau, M. Sahoo, R. Zavadil Copper Alloy Div. 
1997 A Non-Toxic, Recyclable, Core Sand Binder for Aluminium Casting 96-189 J. Siak, R. Schreck, S. Biederman, W. Whited, M. Datte Molding Methods & Materials Div.
1996 Casting Characteristics of Red Brass Containing Bismuth and Selenium 95-98 L. Whiting, P. Newcombe, M. Sahoo Copper Alloy Div. 
1995 None      
1994 Corrosion Behavior of Some Permanent-Mold Cast Copper-Base Alloys in Aqueous Solutions 93-73 M. Elboujdaini, M. Sahoo, J. Dion, V. Sastri, R. Revie Copper Alloy Div. 
1993 Modern Green Sand Control for the 1990's 91-61 R. Green, R. Heine Molding Methods & Materials Div.
1992 Soldification Characteristics of Aluminum Alloys, Vol. 2, Foundry Alloys ** ISBN: 978-0-87433-130-1 L. Backerud, J. Tamminen, G. Chai Aluminum & Light Metals Div.
1991 Critical Properties of CaO-CaF2 for Desulfurization of Liquid Iron 89-77 S. Katz, C. Landefeld Melting Methods & Materials Div.
1990 Constitution of Austempered Ductile Iron & Kinetics of Austempering 87-116 T. Rouns, K. Rundman Cast Iron Div.

*The Magnesium Division currently operates as an adjunct committee within the Aluminum and Light Metals Division.

**Precursor to Volume 3 which is available on the AFS e-Store. Books are no longer eligible for the Howard Taylor Award