AFS Research Project Guide

Project Steering Committee

Project steering committee members are composed of AFS technical committee members from which the project has been submitted, to help drive the project towards the overall project goal. The committee contributes industry knowledge and assists with questions and direction of the project.

Monthly meetings take place with the principal investigator and AFS Liaison to give updates on where project stands. This give the chance for the committee to assist with any questions or issues the principal investigator may have.

Steering Committee Chair

The project steering committee chair ensures that the project is moving forward and on schedule, as well as assist with any needed direction for the principal investigator.

The chair is also responsible for informing AFS when project tasks have been completed to satisfaction, so that any invoices that have been submitted can be processed for payment.

The chair is also required to submit quarterly reports to AFS, detailing the current status of the project and any findings or results that may have occurred during that time. 

Upon completion of the project, the chair is responsible for final sign off on results, reports, and fulfillment of project goals. Once completed, the project is considered closed. Should a project fail to produce results or has been delayed due to lack of participation, the chair has authorization to cancel the project, with all remaining funds returning to AFS Research account.

Quarterly Reporting

The AFS Research Board has requested that the steering committee chairs submit quarterly reports on current status updates of AFS funded projects. This gives the Research Board an understanding where projects stand in progress of project completion and allows them to assist with any recommendations or guidance the investigator or steering committee may need to keep the project on a successful path.

Project Quarterly Report Guidelines 

Project Quarterly Report Example

Final Project Reporting

A complete and final written report covering the findings from this research shall be prepared and submitted using the official AFS research report guidelines...

This final report is separate from the AFS Transaction reports and follow AFS Final Reporting Format Guidelines.

The project steering committee is responsible for reviewing any drafted versions of the final project report until a satisfactory report is completed.

Authors are requested to submit final report for both AFS Transactions and International Journal of Metalcasting (IJMC).

AFS Final Report Format Guidelines

How to get Involved

If you are interested in participating in an AFS research project committee, contact the AFS Vice President of Metalcasting Technical Services Brian Began at, or Senior Technical Associate Bo Wallace at

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