AFS Research Board

Purpose and Mission

The Research Board meets quarterly, as well as by conference call as needed, to review and establish priorities for AFS-sponsored research programs recommended by the Divisions. The board recommends specific research and development to meet the immediate and long-range needs of the industry. It reviews developments in all metal-related fields and coordinates AFS research with that of other organizations when mutually beneficial in addressing the needs of the metalcasting community.

Organization & Membership:

  • The AFS Research Board consists of five members. They serve terms of five years, with appointments staggered so one term expires each year.
  • The board nominates a slate of potential new candidates at its fall meeting. The current board chair contacts the candidates regarding their interest to serve. The new member is selected at the winter meeting of the AFS Research Board. The five-year term for the new member begins in the second calendar quarter.
  • The AFS Vice President of Metalcasting Technical Services (VPMTS) is a non-voting member of the board.
  • The longest serving member on the AFS Research Board serves as the chair and next longest serving member as vice-chair. Officers serve a one-year term, unless special circumstances require extended service.

Research Board Chair

  • Presides at all meetings of the Research Board.
  • Determines the time and place of such meetings, and works with the AFS VPMTS to establish meeting agenda for each meeting. Meeting notice and agenda should be completed in advance to provide prior notice to the members.
  • Attends meetings of the Technical Council, preparing with the AFS VPMTS a report of Research Board’s activity and status of research portfolio. In the event the chair is unable to attend a meeting, he/she is responsible for securing an alternative to attend in his/her place.

Function and Activities

  • The Research Board manages the designated AFS research fund.
  • The Research Board reviews project submissions for potential funding, may make suggestions for changes and revisions to the submission, establishes priorities for proposals, and gives approval for funding.
  • The board reviews the progress of funded research projects via the AFS Research Quarterly Status Update Reports filed by the project principal investigator and the project steering committee chair.
  • The board submits funding requests to the AFS Board of Directors and the AFS Finance Committee as needed.
  • The AFS VPMTS facilitates the Research Board meetings as needed to meet the mission and conduct business, reports on status and progress of AFS funded, sponsored and monitored research, and keeps minutes of all meetings.

2021-2022 Research Board officers:

Andy Bain of Ford Meter Box | Term: 2018-2024

Mark Osborne of Wabtec | Term: 2020-2025
Kathy Hayrynen of Aalberts Surface Technologies | Term: 2021-2026
Mark Adamovits of Matthews International | Term: 2022-2027
Brian Rachwitz of EJ | Term: 2023-2028

Brian Began
Vice President of Metalcasting Technical Services
(847) 824-0181 x228