Emission Benchmarking Factor Database

This emission benchmarking database represents actual stack testing results from foundry specific operations to be used to benchmark your foundry’s emissions against those from other foundries with similar operations.  This database can assist in evaluating whether your emission testing is representative of a range of expected emissions or whether a foundry emission estimates should be revisited.  Due to the many factors that influence the emission rates from foundry operations, the emissions information provided in this database should not be used in preparation of air construction or air operating permits but should be viewed as a range of possible outcomes.

The database is available to members in the AFS Library.  Just type in “Emission Benchmarking” into the search field of the library.  If your foundry has new stack testing emissions and would like to share, please contact Greg Kramer, AFS Technical Director, gkramer@afsinc.org, to have your data added to the database.  All information in the database will remain completely anonymous.