Honoring Excellence: AFS Announces 2024 Witt, Taylor Winners and 2025 Hoyt Memorial Lecturer

The recipients of the 2024 Ray H. Witt Management Award and the 2024 Howard F. Taylor Award, along with the 2025 Hoyt Memorial Lecturer, have been selected by the Honorary Lectures and Papers Committee of the American Foundry Society. These honors recognize outstanding achievements in the metalcasting industry.

The 2024 Ray H. Witt Award will go to Paper #23-014, “Ductile Iron Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Excel-Based Parametric Model Development and Application.” This insightful paper is authored by Yongxian Zhu, Gregory A. Koeleian, and Daniel R. Cooper from the University of Michigan.  The award honors outstanding contributions in marketing and management within the metalcasting industry.

Recognizing long-range technical significance to the metalcasting industry, the 2024 Howard F. Taylor Award will go to Paper #23-071, “Small, in-line Passenger Vehicle Engines: Cast Iron with the Same Weight as Aluminum.” This groundbreaking work is authored by Andre Ferrarese and Carlos Cabezas of Tupy S/A, Brazil, and Steve Dawson of SinterCast AB, Sweden.

Both award-winning papers are archived and accessible to AFS members in the AFS Peters-Robison Metalcasting Library.

Looking ahead to 2025, the committee has chosen Frank Headington, retired from Neenah Foundry and AFS, to author and present the prestigious 2025 Hoyt Memorial Lecture at CastExpo in Atlanta.

The winners of the Ray H. Witt and Howard F. Taylor Awards will be formally honored at Metalcasting Congress 2024 in Milwaukee, an event eagerly anticipated by industry leaders.

The Honorary Lectures and Papers Committee comprises the Executive Committee of the Technical Council, the Chair of the Marketing Committee, and both the Chair and Vice Chair of the Management Council.

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