Engineering Division Expands Focus to Include Smart Manufacturing

The AFS Engineering Division is a leader in fostering the use of emerging technologies in foundries. Now, that focus is reflected in the group’s new name: the AFS Engineering and Smart Manufacturing Division.

Led by Chair Brandon Kruse (Magaldi Technologies LLC) and Vice Chair Greg Bray (Electric Controls & Systems Inc.), the Engineering and Smart Manufacturing Division will drive research and innovation in new technologies for metalcasters. This includes robots and cobots, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, data collection, the Industrial Internet of Things, and other tools associated with smart manufacturing.

“Metalcasting is undergoing an incredible transformation, and the AFS Engineering and Smart Manufacturing Division is transforming right along with it,” said AFS Technical Director Tom Dore. “Emerging technologies are expanding the possibilities of what a metal casting can achieve, while also improving foundry and supply chain efficiency, safety, and quality. This is an exciting time for our industry.”

The division’s new name was officially announced at this week’s Foundry Industry 4.0 Conference, which featured presentations from leading manufacturing technology experts.

The division is accepting new members. To express your interest in joining the AFS Engineering and Smart Manufacturing Division, email Tom Dore at Division members must be members of AFS to join.