Engineering & Smart Manufacturing Division

To enhance and accelerate the adoption of engineering solutions and smart manufacturing technologies including Industry 4.0 to lead in the global metalcasting industry with continuous improvements in quality, optimized production efficiency, and streamlined industrial supply chain.

The AFS Engineering and Smart Manufacturing Division advances those goals through panels, papers, plant tours, plant reviews, technology demonstrations, research, benchmarking, knowledge transfer and professional networking. Areas of focus include simulation driven design & engineering; planning systems; best practice data standardization; automation and robotics; sensors & data capture, exchange, and security; Artificial intelligence, energy efficiency; and other plant-engineering topics that arise. Committees or task groups will be launched to address areas of concentrated focus.

Industry 4.0 Committee

The Industry 4.0 Committee investigates the foundational nine pillars of I4.0 and provides insight and pathways to collect and use data from sensors and systems these technologies to analyze, visualize, and learn from the data to drive organizational improvement, cultural evolution, and knowledge generation, making foundries more competitive and sustainable. Activities can include developing recommended standards and best practices, research, discussion, and audits for the metalcasting community.

     Artificial Intelligence Sub-committee of Industry 4.0 Committee

     The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies Subcommittee's mission is to promote "AI Technologies" for accelerated learn informed decision-making, and streamlined workflows. We share knowledge, insights, and pathways for utilizing AI tools (initially highlighting generative AI tools) in data analysis, visualization, and enhanced learning. Our goal is to drive organizational improvement, cultural evolution, knowledge generation, competitiveness, and sustainability. We achieve this through sharing use cases, addressing challenges, and providing curated sources for the metalcasting community to leverage AI for collaboration, learning, and innovation responsibly.

Standards & Common Languages Committee

The standards committee’s mission is to oversee and implement the AFS Standards process. As a committee of the Engineering Division, it is the steward of the process and assists all divisions in following that process for standardization. Additionally, it ensures regular standards updating to ensure standards meet current industry needs.

Division Award

AFS Plant Engineering Award

The Plant Engineering Award recognizes a company/division/corporation for its plant engineering achievements in the planning, installation, operation, and maintenance of foundry equipment and processes. The award's emphasis is on the application and implementation of new and innovative equipment associated with existing and new cast metal technology.

The award is intended to encourage the advance of technical expertise and professionalism of Foundry Engineering in the application, operation and maintenance of foundry equipment, including the associated management control and information systems.

Deadline: Dec. 1

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Past Winners:

2013: Bay Cast
2014: Metal Tech Inc.
2015: Aarrowcast Inc.
2017: Waupaca Foundry Plant 1, 2-3
2018: GM GPS Saginaw
2019: Emerson/Appleton Group
2020: Donsco & Dotson Iron Castings
2021: N/A
2022: Kimura Foundry
2023: Mercury Marine

Norris B. Luther Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes an individual for dedication, leadership and contributions to the AFS Engineering Division and the metalcasting industry.

Jeff Westover Award (In Industrial Engineering)

This award recognizes an individual for meritorious service  or outstanding contributions in the application of industrial engineering principles within the foundry industry.

Greg Kramer, Technical Director
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