College Scholarships

Stephen Ducharme Student Scholarship

AFS Copper Alloy Division Stephen Ducharme Student Scholarship is intended to encourage and support college and university students engaged in metalcasting-related studies to consider the metalcasting industry as a potential field for post-graduation employment or career development.

Qualifications: The Copper Alloy Stephen Ducharme student scholarship is open to any student currently attending a North American accredited university or college and enrolled in material science, engineering, computer science or other areas of education that include metalcasting activities and study. Selection will be determined each spring in conjunction with the annual AFS Metalcasting Congress. (The winner need not be present).

Submission: All submissions must be in electronic format (Microsoft Word or PDF) using the attached form.

Submit to:

Kim Perna, Senior Technical Coordinator
1695 N Penny Lane, Schaumburg IL 60173
800-537-4237 x 246

Deadline for submission is February 1 of the present year. 

H.H. Harris Foundation Scholarship

The H.H. Harris Foundation was established pursuant to the terms of the last will of Henry Hickman Harris for the purpose of providing scholarships and other forms of educational aid to students and professionals in the metallurgical and casting of metals field who are U.S. citizens. The foundation members meet annually to make awards during June.

Applications for scholarships with two letters of reference are due May 27 of the present year. Applicants must be U.S. citizens.

Click here for the application (pdf)

Contact the H.H. Harris Foundation at CMICHOD@KOMDR.COM.

In order to facilitate the compiling of applications, applicants are advised of the following:

  1. The two required reference letters should start as follows: "I am seconding John Doe, who is attending (will be attending) XYZ University."
  2. All applications should be signed. We will not accept any unsigned applications or those that do not have two (2) reference letters.
  3. All parts of the application form are important for the Foundation Members' consideration and should be completed with care.
  4. The deadline shown on this years' application form is a definite deadline.

IJMC-FEF Student Research Competition

The IJMC-FEF Student Research Competition empowers undergraduate college students to showcase their metalcasting research projects at CastExpo and Metalcasting Congress. Top submissions are featured in the International Journal of Metalcasting, and winners receive scholarship money. Qualifications, judging criteria, and other information is available here.