AFS Report Details Ways to Prevent Heat Stress in Foundries

A comprehensive report from the AFS Safety & Health Committee which provided the basis for an ASTM Standard details how metalcasters can prevent and manage heat-related illness during hot weather and other situations that can cause heat stress.

"Foundry Approaches to Control the Heat Exposure of Workers" is an 81-page report documenting the specific ways in which foundries have established successful heat exposure control measures. It also explains many must-know heat-related topics for metalcasters – particularly those who work in the EHS field – such as warning signs of excessive heat strain in workers, responsibilities for implementing heat exposure control programs, and the causes and challenges of heat stress in metalcasting facilities.

This report, commissioned and compiled by the AFS Safety & Health Committee Program to Prevent Heat-Related Illness in Foundries, was used to author ASTM Standard E3279 – 21, Standard Guide for Managing Heat Stress and Heat Strain in Foundries, published in May 2021.

In April 2022, OSHA launched a National Emphasis Program for heat-related hazards.

"Foundry Approaches to Control the Heat Exposure of Workers" is provided for free to all AFS members. Non-members may purchase the report for $20. To download a copy of the report, click here.