Environmental, Health and Safety Division

This division is focused on improving the environmental health and safety activities in metalcasting facilities. The division keeps current on new regulations, promotes environmental awareness, and helps protect the health and safety of foundry personnel through education and training.

Executive Committee/Programs―Organizes, administers and implements the division committees to advance responsible health, safety and environmental control programs and standards in the foundry industry. It is responsible for the preparation of EHS-related sessions at the annual AFS Metalcasting Congress.

Air Quality Committee―Provides technical data and educates the metalcasting industry on the most efficient methods of controlling air emissions.

Water, Waste, & Byproducts Management Committee―Studies the proposed and current regulations affecting effluent water quality, waste management and the most cost-effective means of compliance. It guides research in solid waste management and interprets guidelines for foundry operators for solid waste disposal and recycling in an environmentally sound manner.

Safety & Health Committee―Assists foundries in meeting their obligation to provide a workplace free of recognized safety and health hazards. It represents the foundry industry in regulatory proceedings to develop effective safety and health standards.


Greg Kramer, Technical Director
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