Future Leaders of Metalcasting — Build Management, Workplace Skills

Young metalcasting professionals will learn time management and prioritization, and navigate problem-solving and decision making in their careers, during a virtual development series presented by AFS Future Leaders of Metalcasting.

The energetic two-part series will give participants aged 20-45 the tools they need to build crucial management and workplace skills for professional development.

The virtual development series launches with “No More Hours in Your Day,” live online from 2-4 p.m. CT Aug. 25. The session will focus on time management and choosing the right priorities when juggling a never-ending to-do list at work. Dr. Celina Peerman, a distinguished organizational behavior specialist, will be the featured presenter. Dr. Peerman has extensive experience working with metalcasters and will answer questions that will help you be more productive at your metalcasting facility.

"Managing Ups and Downs” follows from 2-4 p.m. CT Oct. 29. Attendees will get real-world insights into overcoming career roadblocks, solving problems in the workplace, and handling frustrating emotional triggers that affect productivity and cause disengaged employees.  

Both sessions will include virtual networking, with an interactive activity to get you connecting with and delivering insights to like-minded peers. Attendees will receive a Future Leaders of Metalcasting gift to use during this fun event.

This is an opportunity to grow your professional network and also develop your business acumen from the comfort of your own chair. If you work for a foundry or industry supplier, you won’t want to miss this chance to grow your management skills and increase your personal development. The series is just $119.99 per session for AFS members. Join one session, or sign up for both and get a discount! To register for “No More Hours in Your Day,” click here. To register for “Managing Ups and Downs,” click here.