AFS Introduces Three Services to Support Member Success

The American Foundry Society (AFS) today announced that it will be introducing and expanding several member services in July.

“AFS is committed to supporting its members during the current challenges and beyond,” said AFS President Mike Lenahan (CEO, KB Foundry Services). “These new and expanded services reflect that commitment to our members and to the foundry industry.”

AFS will be introducing a partnership with APPI Energy to offer member companies the opportunity to purchase electricity and natural gas at discounted prices in deregulated markets.

“This program will bring the pricing power of group purchasing to AFS members,” said Doug Kurkul, the CEO of AFS. “APPI will recommend reliable energy providers at the best available prices, which sometimes will be a better value than what foundries can obtain on their own in the marketplace. This service, which will also encompass a full range of energy consumption and efficiency solutions, will be introduced before the end of July.”

The second new service will provide affordable health benefits for employees of AFS Corporate Member companies.

“AFS will be partnering with United Healthcare, Mercer, and the National Association of Manufacturers to offer this new benefits program for the foundry industry,” said Ben Yates, Vice President of Business Development at AFS. “The program will launch on Aug. 1 and will be offered wherever state laws and regulations allow. More information will be provided soon.”

In an expansion of an existing benefit, Corporate Members will begin receiving the AFS Metalcasting Forecast & Trends twice per year instead of annually. “This year is the perfect example of how fast economic forecasts can change,” Kurkul explained. “By providing Corporate Members a mid-year update of data and projections, the Forecast will assist foundries and suppliers in business planning.” The new Forecast will also include expanded graphic representations of data to make the report more user-friendly. Corporate Members will receive the Mid-Year 2020 AFS Metalcasting Forecast & Trends by email this week. The report sells for $1,000 but will be available for purchase by individual members at a significant discount.

These benefits introductions and expansions are the result of a Member Benefits Assessment that AFS conducted in late 2019 as part of the “Member Success and Sustainability” plank of the 2018-2022 AFS Strategic Plan. We thank our members for participating in the Assessment. Anyone with questions about these member benefits may contact Ben Yates at or at 630-930-4401.