AFS Launches Virtual Conference for Additive, Sand Casting

Metalcasters will learn the keys to successful 3D sand printing and sand casting during a virtual conference hosted by AFS on Aug. 31-Sept. 3.

The AFS Sand Casting/Additive Manufacturing Conference, previously scheduled to take place in Milwaukee, will be presented as a live web event, with options for on-demand viewing as well. The conference will cover all technologies, metals and processes related to 3D sand printing and sand casting.

Although the venue has changed, the same slate of experts will deliver insights on topics ranging from green sand casting in different molding media, green sand additives, chemically bonded molds and cores, sand testing, refractory coatings, processes and equipment for 3D sand printing, printed hard tooling for sand casting, and related EHS issues. Attendees will hear case studies from founders who have successfully incorporated 3D printing into their sand casting processes. The virtual format will allow attendees to interact with presenters and ask questions just as they would in person.

The decision to switch to an online event was made out of respect for company travel restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.

For a complete agenda and to sign up, click here.