Subpart UUU: Calciners and Dryers in Mineral Processing Industries

The Subpart UUU New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) Rule covers new sources of emissions from calciners and dryers at mineral processing plants.  These facilities process feldspar, fire clay, fuller’s earth, gypsum, industrial sand, kaolin, lightweight aggregate, magnesium compounds, perlite, roofing granules, talc, titanium dioxide, and vermiculite to be used in various industries. 

While this rule would appear to not be applicable to foundry operations there hon  foundry operations.  In 2012, EPA Region V initiated enforcement actions against foundries for failure to comply with Subpart UUU. Although EPA has not  issued civil penalties for violations of Subpart UUU as part of these recent enforcement actions, facilities were required to take several corrective actions.

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