AFS Unveils New Plaque to Commemorate Peters-Robison AFS Metalcasting Library

In a joint effort between AFS and University of Northern Iowa, Matthews Additive Technologies, Matthews International Corporation, Liberty Pattern, and American Pattern & CNC works, AFS is proud to announce the completion of the Peters-Robison Library Memorial plaque!

The Peters-Robison AFS Metalcasting Library is named in memory of the late R.D. “Butch” Peters and the late Stephen T. Robison. 

The original Cast Metals Institute (CMI) Library was named for Peters, who was president of Brillion Iron Works from 1933-1973. He was recognized for his longstanding dedication to metalcasting education and for contributions made by the R.D. and Linda Peters Foundation to CMI in the 1980s.


Robison was an industry veteran who worked for AFS from 1995-2022. At the time of his passing, he was Chief Technical Officer-Emeritus for the Society. Throughout his career, Robison advanced the goals of fostering metalcasting innovation through research, technology transfer, scholarly publication, and technical assistance. Robison was passionate about administering and expanding the library as a resource for the advancement of the industry.

The memorial plaque was unveiled on May 14 and is displayed in the library.