New Tool Added to Peters-Robinson AFS Metalcasting Library

Wouldn’t it be nice to bookmark your favorite library listing for future reference? If so, the Peters-Robison AFS Metalcasting Library has a new tool for you.

Introducing “My Catalog”, a new way for you to save reference papers and articles. In a recent update, the AFS library has implemented this new tool, to help save AFS members time by saving interested articles to an easily accessible location.

How does it work? After finding a document article of interest, simply click on “Save to my catalogue” and return home, after, click on the “My Portal” tab to access your catalog.

For more information on how to use this tool click here for the tutorial.

This feature is also available through the AFS Library app!    



Still don’t have the AFS Library App?  Follow the below instructions to download and start searching today!

Download the Liberty Link mobile app to allow you to search, reserve, borrow and return resources from your phone. 

To setup, follow these steps:

            Login to the AFS Library on your web browser using your AFS credentials.

            Download the Liberty Link app from the Apple or Android stores

            Open the Liberty Link app and find the 'Setup' button located along the bottom of the screen.

            Once on the setup screen, tap the 'Scan Setup Code' button.

            Scan the personalized QR barcode image viewable on your AFS Library web browser.

            Enter your password if required then tap “Save.”

            The Liberty Link app is your portal to the app version of the AFS Library

AFS Library App tutorials are coming soon! Be on the lookout for these on the Library Tutorial section on the library web browser.

For more information regarding My Catalog, the AFS Peters-Robison Library or the AFS Peters-Robison Library app, contact Senior Technical Associate Bo Wallace at