Learn Basics of Statistical Process Control With New AFS Institute Course

Statistical process control (SPC) is one of the seven basic quality tools, but many manufacturing professionals don’t understand it – or are intimidated by it – because of its heavy reliance on high-level mathematics. A new course from the AFS Institute simplifies this complex method, giving quality control personnel, engineers, and other metalcasters the tools they need to put SPC to work for them, improving their output.

Statistical process control employs statistics to monitor and control a manufacturing process, increasing efficiency and cutting down on defects and scrap. The new Institute course, Fundamentals of SPC and Process Capability, takes a step-by-step approach to understanding SPC, from basic terminology to hands-on instruction in preparing SPC charts and capability data using Excel.

Combining years of experience as a math teacher with decades of foundry quality management experience, instructor Ted Schorn (Enkei America Inc.) will help students grasp what the method’s numbers mean and what can (and should) be done with them to support improvement.

Fundamentals of SPC and Process Capability will debut on July 28-29, at AFS HQ, 1695 N. Penny Lane, Schaumburg, IL. The course is $1,150 for AFS members and $1,350 for non-members. Discounts for groups of three or more are available by calling customer service at 800-537-4237.

To register or for more information, click here. Questions? Email Jen Christian, Director of Training Solutions, at