AFS to Debut Online Conference for Small and Midsize Foundries

Metalcasters at small and midsize foundries will gain unique insights into their specific needs during an online conference from AFS debuting in early 2022.

Operations and Profitability in Small and Midsize Foundries will tackle technical and business issues that arise in the smaller foundry sector, focusing on the challenges and opportunities faced by metalcasters with limited resources and a staff that fills multiple roles.

Going live online Feb. 14-17, every speaker at the conference has experience relevant to workers in small and midsize metalcasting plants. Session topics include creating a safety-first culture, establishing quality assurance programs, addressing the worker shortage, winning new customers, taking advantage of automation opportunities, and reducing energy costs – all with an eye toward the interests of smaller metalcasters. To see a full lineup of speakers and sessions, click here.

This event is aimed at owners, operators, officers, and anyone who handles production or management duties in a small or midsize foundry. There is no upper limit on the number of employees a company may have to attend – if metalcasters believe they will benefit from this information, they are invited to participate.

Registration is $350 for AFS members and $525 for non-members, and the conference is accessible via web browser. For more information or to sign up, click here.