Upgraded Alloy Database Project Goes Live

An online database of alloy properties has been upgraded thanks to a partnership between AFS, the American Metalcasting Consortium, and the Defense Logistics Agency.

Casting Alloy Data Search, commonly referred to as CADS, is a tool to assist design and foundry engineers by providing comprehensive cast alloy engineering properties and pedigree information. This includes section thickness, typical composition, casting process, and molding material used.

The new website, at, launched in August 2021.

Extensive pedigree information is what sets CADS apart from many similar databases. Whereas some sources provide outdated information or exclude original process-related details (such as part size, how it was made, or thickness of the material the test bars were taken from), CADS offers detailed casting process pedigree information. Users can search by strength property, select from an alloy grade list, or utilize a global alloy search.

The primary sources of CADS data are AFS research projects, as well as data from U.S.-based foundries or other research organizations.

CADS is free to use. To get started, visit and select “Search CADS Now.”