For Aluminum Foundries: New AFS Book Tackles Inclusions in Baths and Castings

The newest book from AFS promises to be a must-have technical resource for aluminum foundries and the companies that serve them.

Released in print this month, Molten Aluminum Cleanliness — Minimizing Inclusions in Baths and Castings by Rafael Gallo tackles two major impurity issues faced by every aluminum foundry: inclusions and hydrogen gas-caused porosity. Drawing on decades of experience in aluminum casting, Gallo provides a comprehensive look at impurities, their root causes, and practical ways to minimize casting defects. The book covers practical applications, foundry case studies, and state-of-the-art molten metal analytical techniques. 

Earlier this summer, Gallo was the featured presenter at the Molten Aluminum Cleanliness Virtual Workshop, which received top marks from attendees for its real-world applications.

Gallo is an aluminum casting specialist with experience in operations, research, equipment, and supplies. A frequent contributor to many research journals, Molten Aluminum Cleanliness — Minimizing Inclusions in Baths and Castings is based on his extensive foundry background, research, and metallurgical analytical skills. Gallo is currently technical consultant for Pyrotek.

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