AFS Issues Call for Award Nominations

The American Foundry Society is inviting people to nominate candidates for three major industry awards: the AFS Gold Medal, Award of Scientific Merit, and Service Citation.

These awards, which will be presented at CastExpo 2022, recognize technical and management excellence in metalcasting, as well as service to AFS and the broader industry. Final selections are made by the AFS Board of Awards, comprised of the last five AFS Presidents.

Nominations are open and will be accepted through Aug. 6, 2021. To download a fillable nomination form, click here. Review the AFS Board of Awards Policy here.

How to nominate candidates 

1. Nominations must be accompanied by a full statement of the background, experience, and contributions of the nominee – company, title, education, committee service, papers, publications, AFS offices held, honors received, chapter work, etc. It is the obligation of those making nominations to develop full information on candidates submitted. The official nomination form must be enclosed. Click here for the AFS Award Candidate Nomination Form.

2. Nominations must be accompanied by an explicit statement of the reasons for making the nomination and must state specifically why the nominee is believed to be eligible for recognition.

3. All information and references that may assist the Board of Awards in considering nominations should be submitted at the time the candidates' names are forwarded.

4. Nominations may or may not state a specific award being recommended for a particular candidate. Any recommendations for a specific award should be realistic and all recommendations will be held confidential.

5. Letters of support can be supplied along with the nomination or sent separately to the Secretary of the Board of Awards at AFS Headquarters. Form letters or form faxes will not be considered as letters of support. Letters sent via e-mail must be on company letterhead and attached to the e-mail.

6. Nominations should be emailed to the Board of Awards Secretary, Doug Kurkul, at Nominations must be received no later than Aug. 6, 2021, to be considered this year. 

About the awards

  • The AFS Gold Medal is the Society's highest award, presented for outstanding technical and management contributions.
  • The AFS Award of Scientific Merit is intended exclusively as a technical citation for recognition of outstanding papers, meritorious technical service or effort, or development of a process, method, or engineering advancement having "future possibilities.”
  • AFS Service Citations recognize outstanding general service, primarily of a nontechnical nature, to AFS and the casting industry.

To see a list of past winners, click here.