Smart Adjustments for Cleaner Melts: Virtual Aluminum Conference Goes Live in July

A leading expert on aluminum casting and melt cleanliness will share his knowledge during an interactive online conference offered exclusively by the American Foundry Society.

Rafael Gallo, Technical Consultant at Pyrotek, is the presenter at the Molten Aluminum Cleanliness Virtual Workshop, live online July 20-23, 2021. Registration is open, and discounts are available for AFS members.

Gallo is an aluminum casting specialist with decades of experience in aircraft, military, and automotive aluminum foundry operations and research, as well as in the foundry supplier field. This workshop is based on his extensive foundry background, research, and metallurgical analytical skills.

Participants will learn how to make smart adjustments to minimize inclusions and hydrogen gas-caused porosity, improving melt cleanliness – and with it, quality and profitability. Topics include metallurgical and operational factors for melting, degassing, and fluxing; technological advancements for assessing inclusion levels in molten aluminum baths; and evaluating inclusions in castings.

This virtual event requires no travel to participate. Digital passes for the Molten Aluminum Cleanliness Virtual Workshop are $350 for AFS members or $525 for non-members through June 22. Registration is $420 for members or $630 for non-members after June 22. For more information or to register, click here.

Gallo’s new book, Molten Aluminum Cleanliness: Minimizing Inclusions in Baths and Castings, is slated for publication by AFS later this year.