AFS Institute Introduces New Course on Process Control for Engineers

The AFS Institute will present a new course, Process Control for Engineers, on March 30-April 1, 2021. It will be presented for the first time live online by Ted Schorn, a noted quality expert. Registration is open here and space is limited.

The first goal of every process is stability: a consistent and predictable outcome. When we can make every casting the same, every dimension and every characteristic the same we can truly say we can control the process. If we can control it, we can improve it.

But how are processes controlled? What are the factors of influence on processes that must be managed? This introductory course is designed to help process and quality engineers to answer these questions and to develop a methodology of process control. Attendees will leave with a set of tools and perspectives on process control that will provide a framework for attacking production and quality problems.

Process Control for Engineers constitutes the 39th course in the Institute’s course catalogue. The AFS Institute now has courses scheduled through June. All courses offer skills development and training for metalcasting excellence, as well as a certificate of completion.